These Pakistanis Prefer Coca-Cola over Chai and Their Reasons Shouldn’t Surprise You!

Yes, they exist…

Abandoning chai would be considered a crime for our folks. Who would even want to think past a hot cup of tea? Sounds like a no-brainer, no? Apparently, tables have turned now. Gone are the days when people romanticized with a hot cup of tea because there’s a chilled glass of Coca-Cola to replace it!

Summer has officially begun! So, Zaaalima, Coca-Cola Pila Dey

The new TVC reminds us exactly how Coca-Cola trumps Chai.

Zaalima Chai Ko Thand Kara De, Coca-Cola Pila De

Iss garmi main Zaalima chai ko thand kara de, Coca-Cola pila de!#ZaalimaCocaColaPilaDe#ChaiKoThandKaraDe

Gepostet von Coca-Cola am Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

So, let us break down what exactly goes on people’s minds when they choose Coca-Cola over Chai…

Hearing out from multiple people in our circle who apparently fancy Coke above tea, we came to a conclusion that there are good reasons for it. This is what they say:

Chai cannot finish above Coca-Cola because there’s nothing like a chilled, fizzy sip of it sinking down your throat. It’s a concept. It’s an experience that you delve in.

Imagine Karachi/Lahore ki garmi, scorching heat of sun and the mad agony. Who would want to drink something as hot as chai in sakht garmi? Coca-Cola beats chai in garmi, so Coca-Cola all the way!

Chai is not what you want when heat is beating your cool in summer. A chilled, refreshing glass of Coca-Cola, all day, any day. Because – chai ko thand kara day; zaalima Coca-Cola pila day!

Many people on social media openly prefer Coca-Cola over Chai and the new TVC has really got them talking!

Now let us wrap up this thought with some chilled Coke?

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