Coke Studio Presents a Beautiful Rendition of our National Anthem and People Are Going Crazy

Coke Studio Presents a Beautiful Rendition of our National Anthem and People Are Going Crazy

Every nation around the world seeks an extraordinary notion of pride in their national anthem. One of the distinctive aspects about a national anthem is that every time it is played, certain emotions come together and surge with an overwhelming sensation in our hearts. Much can be said about our own national anthem. Pakistanis, as proud custodians, bear testimony to the fact that how our national anthem attributes to patriotic values. Here’s an interesting fact: the music for our anthem was composed by Ahmad G. Chagla before the lyrics were actually penned down.

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Pakistan turns 70th this August and to mark this incredible moment in history, Coke Studio is up to something really amazing!

Come to think of it – just the rhythmic tune of our national anthem can invoke feelings of patriotism, allegiance and loyalty in us. From 7th to the 70th occasion now, the national anthem continues to cite an extraordinary notion of patriotism in every Pakistani.

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You have heard the contemporary renditions of our national anthem and each sounds beautiful. Let us present you a rendition by Coke Studio featuring the artists that we shall see in Season 10. Listened by millions, loved by millions, Coke Studio for the 10th time now is going to entice us with such a token of entertainment.

Check out the brilliant rendition of our national anthem by Coke Studio

I swear I don’t have words to express my sentiments listening to this remarkable rendition. Just look how they have brought some of our favourite artists together. What a way to do it, seriously! It’s the national spirit and they honoured it in such fashion.

This is simply a token of honour by Coke Studio. Paying homage to the millions of Pakistanis and acknowledging our pride as a nation. Through thick and thin, we have come a long way to mark the 70th Independence and is there anything more beautiful, to begin with than our national anthem?

All of our favourite stars –

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Singing the national anthem!

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Coke Studio never ceases to amaze us, right?

Pakistanis simply cannot get enough of it! Look at how they are reacting:

Seriously, it’s like a gift

So many huge names once again… it’s going to be lit!

Swear it is a tear-jerker

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And to think this is just the beginning… What a way to start! It begins with a cracker and we are already anticipating an exciting season ahead. So, gear up, Pakistanis, THE SOUND OF NATION is here.

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