Coke Studio Season 12’s Two Songs Taken Down For Copyright Issues!

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Coke Studio is in a bit of a pickle, facing copyright issues yet again. Their 12th season although off to a good start is experiencing some serious road bumps as two of their songs get flagged and taken down. Starting from Sanam Marvi’s  Hairaan Hua, which disappeared shortly after its release, now displays a message that reads, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Abida Parveen.” 

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Earlier, another rendition of Abrar ul Haq’s iconic song Billo on Coke Studio was taken down for the same issues. This particular song’s retake was done by the singer himself. However, Karman Entertainment Limited claimed the songs to be theirs.

Coke Studio Season 12 Billo Song

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If this wasn’t enough of a disappointment, Coke Studio had another thing coming for them. The fans, that have been patiently waiting for the next season were baffled at the songs disappearing left and right. Similarly, episode 3 was delayed due to the unfortunate Tezgam incident. But this is an entirely different situation.

However, this isn’t the first time Coke Studio is facing copyright issues. Previously, Coke Studio was embroiled in a similar controversy, however, it was resolved later on. Shuja Haider and Rachel Viccaji’s Saiyyan didn’t even make it to the screens because EMI Pakistan claimed their ownership of the original Noor Jehan song.

Saiyaan Coke Studio

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Coke Studio Pakistan isn’t any regular platform but in fact, is globally recognized for featuring immensely talented Pakistani musicians. Further, their creations are viewed around the globe and are a popular favorite of Indians as well; considering music holds great importance there. Hence, it is nothing short of an embarrassment to have so many songs taken down because of copyright infringement.

Pakistanis are furious over the #CokeStudio12 disaster.

“Coke Studio (Season 12) suffers further embarrassment as Sanam Marvi’s Hairan Hua is taken off YouTube because of a copyright claim by Abida Parveen”

A different kind of criticism altogether. 

True. Even Billo’s rendition was a hit, but now not accessible to anyone. 

Coke Studio needs to bring their game several notches up after multiple songs that many poured sweat, blood, and tears into every project. 

At this pace, you never know. This user asks everyone to instantly convert the song into MP3. 

Coke Studio’s credibility is at stake. 

Hopefully, these issues will be resolved and we will see the popular Season 12 songs back on YouTube again. Music is a universal language and if not understood can be felt. Coke Studio may have had their down moments, but they have given us some great classics that to date are listened to and enjoyed. ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ should be taken into consideration and the promising Coke Studio Season 12 trailer should live up to its standard throughout.

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