CoComelon is Under Fire for its LQBTQ+ Theme

CoComelon is Under Fire for its LQBTQ+ Theme

Netflix’s children’s series, CoComelon is under fire for its portrayal of homosexuality and its emphasis on how one knows oneself.

In a spinoff show, two gay dads can be seen supporting their son to embrace their inner self regardless of what society says.

The spinoff shows two gay dads of opposite colors advising their son, wearing a tiara and a tutu to show himself as he relays without concerns about what the society says.

A concern for the conservative has risen since the whole theme portrayed is accurately depicted in the guise of the anti-racism movement.

A couple of different races should be well received. The portrayal of two gay dads, however, is not.

The world has been fighting racism for far too long. European colonialism saw the rise of racial discrimination. European colonialism did bring the subject to the limelight with all the racial discrimination centering against the Europeans.

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It was Abraham Lincoln who ended African slavery, an attempt to keep the United States bonded together. Abraham Lincoln’s heroic endeavor however has still not submerged with the ethics and morals of the modern United States.

An attempted portrayal to tackle racial discrimination still becomes a strong subject for the media.

The modern homosexual movement relies heavily on the understanding of sex and intimacy. These terms saw a heavy change with the rise of Freud’s psychology.

Intimacy can be anything, from a mother feeding her infant to a man smoking a cigar.

Intimacy today is directed at individuals rather than any moral idea or a group. This change in understanding of these things corresponds to specialization- a change from tribal authority to legal-rational authority.  

An attempt to portray the idea of knowing yourself and being you in a kid’s show is ambiguous. Children at a young age hardly recognize the difference in shapes.

The classical ‘know yourself’ was backed by tribal customs, traditions, and belief in unifying moral codes: the change from tribal authority to legal-rational authority.

Kids being taught the subject at a young age when they haven’t developed the required capacity are ambiguous.

 Trying to tackle multiple issues in a kid’s show is indeed heroic but an attempt to understand the background of every idea is needed.  

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