“Cockroach Ka Tarqa” – The Truth About A Famous Nihari Restaurant In Karachi Will Make You Puke!

The hygiene and cleanliness of food served in the restaurants of Pakistan is one of the most debated topics. With the controversies of Karachiites serving snake meat and Lahoris serving donkey meat, dining out has become a threat to many.

Amidst all these rumors and validations, the Punjab Food Authority and multiple news channels have played a crucial role in busting different eateries nationwide. While a number of restaurants and cafes have been closed and penalized due to the quality of food and tidiness offered by eateries, there are still many places that give the least attention to hygiene.

Recently, Malik Nihari on Burns Road, Karachi was raided by news channel Ab Tak and the hygiene maintained at the kitchen of one of the famous restaurants of Karachi will make you sick.

Here is the video covered by the news channel:

Watch At Your Own Risk

Yep, you have been eating cockroaches ka tarqa all this time.



From the walls of the restaurant’s kitchen flooded with cockroaches, to using chemical gallons to store spices and from dirty places to chop off meat to dirty dishes, Malik Nihari’s kitchen is a nightmare. A restaurant that is loved by many, Malik Nihari fails to provide its customers with one of the major concerns of many – clean and quality food.

Before you eat Malik Nihari again, imagine this:



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