You Might Be Eating Cockroaches At This Pakistani Restaurant!

With the rising security concerns around the country, the modes and venues of entertainment for the Pakistani population has narrowed down tremendously. Food is one of the biggest aspects of culture in the country that people thoroughly enjoy. From eating at dhabas, to nominal restaurants to downright expensive and high-end places, a Pakistani will make sure he makes his palate experience it all.

With the sudden boom in the food industry as seen by the new high-end restaurants popping up throughout Karachi, the prices have hiked up as well. Some Karachiites spend more than 3 day’s pay of a wage worker on breakfasts. And even though we have observed a rise in variety, a rise in good optics and a rise in prices, we are yet to notice the rise in quality control of such restaurants.

People spend thousands of rupees and bring their children to eat at these places, yet there is no assurance of quality. The video below shows a high-end restaurant that is not only a pioneer in their genre of food but also rakes in millions of rupees in profits. Yet, even they have failed to ensure the very basic need of any restaurant business.

This is to all the restaurant owners. If you are charging all that money for a two egg omelette with some measly slices of bread, you are including the cost that goes into maintaining hygiene and quality. The businesses have been taking its consumers for granted but they don’t understand that once the consumer understands his rights and unite under the motive to fix the industry, it’ll be too late for these so-called pioneers.
SWOT is a great example of this demonstration of consumer power where major slip ups and overlooking by these businesses is taken with serious intent and these restaurants run out of business in no time.
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