COAS Bajwa Offers To Help Australia Tackle Current Bushfires!

coas offer help bushfires

Vice Chief of Defence Australia met Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa at General Headquarters (HQ). They discussed the current bush fires raging in Australia. These fires are responsible for burning millions of acres of land, and resulting in the extinction of innumerable animals.

COAS Bajwa offered to help with Australia’s bushfires to General Angus John Campbell. He reiterated the offer and David Johnson appreciated Pakistan’s assistance for the issue. He thanked the Army Chief for keeping Australia’s condition in consideration, and applauded Pakistan for striving for regional peace.

Though, this gesture from General Bajwa’s part ensures to show Pakistan in a positive light. And it also helps strengthen the relationship between Australia and Pakistan. However, keeping the political aspect of it aside, lending a hand with the bushfires is more than necessary.

Why These Bushfires Require Immediate Action

The Australian bushfires are reportedly a result of climate change. They have damaged a large amount of property and hurt wildlife. The fires have been raging on since September. And, they have destroyed a good 17.9 million acres of Australia as a whole.

The regions did experience rain which helped calm the fires, but massive bushfires are still ravaging the country. And they have swept away most of wildlife in Australia.

australia coas bajwa bushfires


Weather forecasts said the affected cities will experience scorching warm winds along with dry lightning. Plenty of bushfires have merged to turn into a ‘mega blaze’ worsening the situation even more. Protesters took to the streets of Australia, and called for strict action against climate change concerns.

A protest organized by a student organization named Uni Students for Climate Justice took place in nine cities. These cities include Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. It is reported that about 50,000 to 60,000 people participated in the protest and marched for initiating action regarding climate change.

Civilians living close to the fires have been advised to move to safer locations. While, firefighters are risking their lives to rescue vulnerable animals and ensuring to resolve the fires quickly.

The blazes have affected the breathing air as well. The heavy smoke in the air resulted in an increase in citizens complaining about respiratory issues. The number of people expressing concern about their breathing problems have increased by 50%.

Though, this is a short-term issue. While the long-term damage includes a rise in dangerous, chronic illness, if a thick cloud of smoke continues to envelope the regions.

Australia bushfire

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This is why, all sort of help is important to avoid these fires, and arrive at a possible solution. The climate crisis would continue to not only affect specific regions but the world as well.

Hopefully, through the help of world leaders, including Pakistan’s too, these Australian fires can be extinguished once and for all.

What do you think of COAS Bajwa’s generous offer regarding the Australian bushfires? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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