Punjab CM Sends Tabs, Chocolates And Goodies For Coronavirus-Positive Kids

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak desolation, around the world. Speaking of Pakistan, it would have collapsed if our brave doctors were not standing on the frontline. As every day passes by, fear for safety increases drastically, stemming from an overwhelmingly increasing number of cases.

Recently, a tweet went viral, showing a picture of two children who have been tested positive for the virus. With a heavy heart, their mother bids them as she sends them for quarantine.

Nationwide statistics enumerate that the coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 5,900 people, moreover, causing 107 deaths.

CM Buzdar sends his well-wishes

Owing to the news reports, Punjab’s CM, Buzdar saw the circulating pictures of the two innocent kids on social media and decided to shower his compassion towards them. As per his orders, those two kids were shifted from normal ward to a special room, where they could meet their family.

Presenting his token of love and solicitude towards the two naive kids, CM sent them tabs, chocolates, goodies, sanitizers, and flowers. Moreover, he also ordered the health authorities to inform him about the progress and treatment of these two children.

On the road to recovery

Two days back, tweets regarding these children were going viral. Amongst the family members, the two children were the only ones, emerging positive for the coronavirus test.

Instead of hiding the children from medical authorities, and opting for home isolation. The brave mother pensively sent them to the hospital for quarantine, moreover, giving them a Quran Shareef to protect them from any uncertainty.

Previously, A 5-month-old baby girl, hailing from Gilgit Baltistan, became the youngest patient to fully recover from the novel coronavirus. According to the latest reports, the child developed earlier symptoms of the virus which lead to the conclusion that her mother was also infected.

Following, the test results, health officials had relocated the duo to the isolation center. Both of them spent nearly two weeks, separate from each other, during the quarantine. Lately, doctors tested the baby girl for the virus, to which the results came out as negative. Nonetheless, the hospital discharged them for recovery at home.

Nevertheless. this gives hope for the two children, to recover quickly from the virus’s infection. We must all pray for the well-being of children around the world, who have to go through such a health crisis at a young age.


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