Clerics’ Hand Out Rogue ‘Fatwas’ & Theories Regarding Coronavirus!

Clerics Rogue Fatwas Coronavirus

With the world currently on its brick to collapse due to the deadly Chinese Coronavirus, some influential personalities still don’t take it seriously. The rapidly increasing tally of the victims is dangerously alarming with its impact on the world economy as well. However, while the world leaders’ are urging everyone to stay indoors, there still are some adamant religious influencers who are busy issuing rogue theories regarding Coronavirus.

Pakistani clerics and their rogue opinions on Coronavirus!

In this crucial time, when it seems like an apocalypse, Pakistan is all hands in to protect its people from the fatal disease. Becoming an example for others, recently, the Sindh government established the world’s largest Coronavirus emergency unit in Sukkur. But, as always, the great efforts might go in vain as some well-known religious clerics have begun handing out fatwas and rogue theories on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here’s a clip of a well-known Pakistani scholar Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer discarding all precautionary measures for Coronavirus!

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, the world has turned into utter chaos with such sickening minds making it even worse. In order to control the pandemic, world leaders are urging their nations to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings. As having a contagious nature, the Coronavirus can be easily transmitted from one person to another.

Allama Ashraf Jalali and his imprudent take on Coronavirus!

Unfortunately, Pakistan is filled with such religious scholars and preachers who instead of enlightening others, opt for rogue activities. Well, with a drastic increase in Coronavirus cases globally, several religious personalities have come out with their own rogue theories and opinions. Following the same negative trail, here’s another video of Allama Ashraf Jalali all set to risk thousands of lives.

Allama Ashraf Jalali ready to hold the ‘All Pakistan Sunni Conference’ in Lahore amidst Coronavirus outbreak!

Posted by a local news publishing site, the religious scholar seems adamant on his decision that might have severe consequences. Speaking in an event, Allama Ashraf Jalali stated, ”Insha Allah, 21 march ko Lahore main ‘All Pakistan Sunni Conference’ hogi. Main [Ashraf Jalali] guarantee deta hun agar is ijtima ki waja se kisi ek banday ko bhi Coronavirus lag jaye tou mujhe [Ashraf Jalali] ko phansi de di jaye”.

The rogue theory behind the ‘pandemic’!

Well, it just doesn’t end here as there’s another like-minded cleric from Pakistan that went viral for his unique theory. Speaking to a religious congregation, the cleric stated that Coronavirus spread because of a rape that happened in China. Particularly, he says that the deadly virus was initially descended upon three Chinese individuals from Wuhan city who raped a girl named Ayesha.

Here’s the whole ‘bayaan’ regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus!

It is really unfortunate to see influential individuals imposing rogue decisions on their followers and admirers. On the contrary, earlier, a well-known social media cleric was tortured on making a video on Coronavirus. Well, for now, adhere to the precautionary measures announced by the authorities and protect the environment.

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