Cleric Sexualizes Father-Daughter & Brother-Sister Relationships – Twitter Users Reject Him!

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Pedophilia is evidently Pakistan’s very own ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, we have somehow become a nation that is now immune to the enormities. And certainly, our ignorance, inaction, and incompetence as a society will be the death of us. It has come down to a cleric sexualizing the relationship as pure as of a father-daughter and brother-sister.

In times when Pakistan is suffering from the explosive wave of sexual abuse cases, and the rising pedophilia, some sexually frustrated clerics are leaving no stone unturned. From sexually exploiting kids – be it girls or boys – to endorsing hypocritical and corrupted teachings to the masses, these clerics are only bringing our society to the brink of collapse.

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Yet another mufti reveals his inner corrupted self as he sexualizes the relationship of a father and daughter, and brother and sister. A video clip is making rounds on Twitter, showing mufti Naeem Butt talk about how a 2-3 years old girl can prompt sexual thoughts in her father’s mind.

In the clip, Butt goes onto preach how a father should not give a kiss to his daughter once she turns 2-3 years old. In addition to this, he claims that girls should not even hug their father as wells brother.

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“According to Sharia, when a daughter turns 2-3 years old, a father is not allowed to even allowed to give her a peck on the cheek. But what is happening these days?” Butt was quoted as saying. “Young daughters are hugging their father. Brothers and sisters are seen hugging each other…”

Take a look at the video!

How perverted does one have to be to sexualize such a pure relationship? Social media users were quick to call out the perverted cleric.

‘No daughter deserves a monster like him as a father’ – Twittersphere fumes with anger

The amount of filth that is being preached under the guise of religion is sadly no more astonishing. Let’s not forget the enormity of impact these so-called religious leaders have on their followers. People are prone to blindly grasping their teachings.

Last year, a video of Mufti Tariq Masood endorsing child marriages came to the surface, making Pakistanis boil with anger. “Change my name if I don’t get you a fourth and virgin wife after you marry three widows or divorcees,” the mufti guaranteed his followers not just one but either four or two minor brides as their fourth wife if they marry three widows or divorcees.

Prior to that, the  same mufti came under fire for claiming that ‘addiction to women is more than drugs’.

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