This Behind-the-Scenes Story Of the Civil Department of UET Peshawar Will Shock You

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Civil Dept. of UET has been a top department of UET Peshawar for last 6-7 years in terms of the merit list. Every year, the best students apply for this department but they get a very unpleasant surprise when they visit this department. All their dreams, hopes are shattered as soon as they realize that they worked so hard to get in this hell. The Department is plagued with many problems, relating to corruption and mismanagement. The list is as follow:

1. Building Of The Department Is Going To Collapse:

The academic building of the civil department is on the verge of collapse. There are only 8-10 classrooms in the building out of which only a few are available at the time, as some rooms are sealed because they are about to collapse.

2. Poor Condition Of Classes:

Only a few classrooms are in a stable condition but they also provide a gloomy picture with broken chairs, cracked white boards; the walls are chalked with political slogans, noisy fans (some working, some not); a couple of ear deafening air conditioners so loud that a teacher has to literally scream in order to teach something. There is no ventilation in a class of 40+ students; almost all the projectors in the classes are not working properly.

3. Computer Labs Haven’t Updated The Computers Yet:

All the computers in the computer labs are Pentium 3 or 4 and all always out of order with hardware specs too low to run any mildly heavy engineering related computer software. The internet speed is super slow. None of the computers have firewalls and all of them have torrent software installed in them where the staff and students download a variety of stuff like porn, movies, music, religious material, etc.

4. The Worst Condition Of Toilets:

The toilets are in the worst condition. No light, no water in the toilets. Walls of the toilets are smeared with defecation and indecent wall chalking.

5. Ill-Equipped Test Labs:

The test labs of the department are ill equipped and are usually not available to the students as they are used for commercial tests. The tests are conducted by illiterate “chachas”, who are the DON of those labs and will only help students if they are paid handsomely.

6. Attitude And Rude Behaviour Of Peons And Clerks:

The clerks and peons in the administration block of the civil department are kings without crowns. Their attitude is so rude and patronizing that it even forced some students to cry like a baby. For a simple signature from the Chairman or a teacher, a student has to wait several days, as the clerks are not in the mood to do some work.

7. Teachers Are Teaching Unwillingly:

Most of the teachers including Chairman/HOD (The Pharaoh) of the department carry out their private practices at universities and most of them have their own construction or consultation firms and devote their all time and energy to them at the cost of a student’s time.

And after they get free from their private malpractices, they work as visiting faculties in different universities like CECOS, Sarhad, City, Iqra University, etc. to earn some extra cash.

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8. The Undergraduate Students Are Still In A Good Condition:

The undergraduate level studies are comparatively in good shape than the post graduate studies. MS tests are conducted twice every year but there is no faculty for Construction management, Geotech engineering, yet their seats are still advertised. Similarly, other disciplines like Transportation, Water Resources, Environmental and Urban Planning only have one or at most two teachers with relevant specialties to teach these courses. The shortage of faculty is usually compensated for by using visiting teachers from other departments or other universities like UET Taxila.

9. UET – A University Or A Business Center?

UET Peshawar has become a business center where every year thousands of students are enrolled. The majority of those students are enrolled on self-finance basis. The self-finance seats have been increased tremendously in order to make as much money as possible, compromising UET standard, ranking.

But despite charging 14-16 lakh per student for 4 year programs, they hardly provide any facilities that they are supposed to get for spending so much money. Furthermore, the affiliated Colleges/universities like Gandhara created more problems for UET as their students, who couldn’t get admission in the first place at UET Peshawar, because of non-engineering aptitude, somehow get admitted in them and graduate with the same degree as UET students and thus tarnish the reputation and standard of the UET students as they are also considered weak students by Job providers.

10. Few Classes For The Whole Department:

The civil department is already plagued with many problems but the biggest problem is that there are few classrooms in the department and it is difficult to adjust students in them, yet the administration, instead of mitigating the problem, increased it many folds by letting students from other campuses like Jalozai take classes in Main campus civil department, making it impossible to manage such crowd of students.

At the end of each class, the main hall can be seen with a flood of students rushing from one class to another, pushing each other in order to get a seat in next class; otherwise one has to keep standing in the other class.

From a helpless and hapless student of Civil Department UET Peshawar.

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