City Wars In PSL! – 17 Insanely Hilarious Tweets From Kings Vs Qalandars

If you don’t use Twitter much, you really wouldn’t know what these City Wars are about – but once you see the following tweets, you will start believing in the rivalry! The PSL kicked into top-gear yesterday, and the game of the day was Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars. However, the winner of the match was Twitter!

Here are some of the most creative and eye-watering tweets from Kings Vs Qalandars! Enjoy!

1. When somebody pointed out the fact that it’s Peshawar Zalmi, not Peshawar Zalimi..

2. When Pakistanis on Twitter finally found a real reason to incite City Wars

3. When Lahoris and Karachiites buckled up to take each another on..

4. Then began the real bout – Baarish vs Samandar

5. When Karachi Kings took the second wicket, the Shayar inside this guy came out

6. When randomly, somebody joked about how old Anwer Maqsood was..

7. When a Lahori took a jab at Karachiites for using the Metro.. what? We love our W-11

8. When one Lahori took it as duty to explain the phenomena behind rainfall..

9. When one Karachiite absolutely nailed Minaar-e-Pakistan on top of a Lahoris head..

10. From Superman to Govinda, Lahore you better Go-Vin-Da match.. geddit?

11. When one Lahori finally accepted defeat, like a gentleman

12. Although this makes no sense, it’s still funny..

13. According to a scientific research, this is exactly the reason why Karachi Kings won..

14. When somebody actually found the perfect picture to sum up Lahore’s chances of winning

15. Mother of puns!

16. This is just wrong on so many levels. As wrong as the American Paaye series..

17. And the Karachi vs Lahore City war ended with one sane Twitterati explaining what it’s all about..

So, what do you think about the ongoing City Wars on Twitter, are you a fan of them or no? Just so you know, they are done all in good spirit, for the sake of banter!

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