Good News! Cinemas To Reopen Across Pakistan Following SOPs

The day covid-19 hit Pakistan, it sabotaged everything from economic to entertainment. So many films didn’t get released because Cinemas are closed and we aren’t enough powerful to release on streaming platforms.

People waited for the corona to slow down and things get normal, but it wasn’t lockdown after lockdown made things worse. But guess what, things are about to change.

Source: Express Tribune

For all the cinema lovers out there, NOC has allowed the opening of all the cinemas across the country. Yes! They did it, from today 16th October all cinemas and shrines are allowed to operate under some strict instructions.

All the cinemas are opened from 16th to 28th and then they will decide whether to open it permanently or not.

Reopening Of Cinemas, Big News

It’s a piece of great news not only for the people but also for the stakeholders because they expect a big recovery as Christmas is coming in two months. But currently, no local films are ready to release yet.

Source: Express Tribune

Ch Ejaz Kamran Chairman of Film Distributors Association of Pakistan expressed his happiness on this reopening of cinema. “We appreciate the decision and are also very happy.

Surely the situation will be better soon. We are in the same boat as the rest of the world, and like other film industries, ours has also suffered, but now the situation is improving across the world with cinemas reopening.”

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“It is time that all the stakeholders sit together and decide on a strategy to release films and also convince producers to get further funding.

In the past, we have proven that the future of cinema is bright in the country, and now the time has come that we move forward with the strength to revive the cinema industry of Pakistan.”

“There are many producers that were working on different projects, with their films sitting there all complete. However, the fact of the matter is that, at the moment, no one will come forward, and we’ll have to wait weeks till we see any local releases.”

Source: 24 News

Lastly added, “We, at the moment, have no films and now when NCOC has allowed the opening of cinema houses, we will negotiate and good films will release at the end of this year.”

Lahore Can Be The Hub Of Cinema – Altaf Bajwa

Source: YouTube

Senior Lyricist Altaf Bajwa shared his remarks on the cinema reopen, “Lahore was once the hub of the film industry, and after the opening of cinemas, the cinema revival will start from Lahore as well since many local Punjabi film producers are willing to release their films.

Although these are small budget films, they will attract viewers to cinema houses. Surely, in the future, big films will come as well.”

Since the vaccination drive began, Covid-19 stable and recovered from the downside rate.

NOC stated that all the staff members should be vaccinated and everyone needs to follow SOPs strictly. It looks like people will follow every possible SOPs when it comes to Cinema because it’s been one and a half years since no one saw a single movie in cinemas.

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