St. John’s Church In Peshawar Celebrates New Year After 7 Years!

St. John’s Church In Peshawar Celebrates New Year Festivities After 7 Years!

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The nightmares of terrorism have faded as the Christian community of Peshawar celebrates the new year with full gratification. The celebrations are back in the city after a long period of 7 years. Following a horrifying blast in the All Saints Church, which resulted in 84 casualties and left hundreds of injured.

After that tragic incident, the Christian community didn’t plan any kind of activity regarding any celebrations. The church celebrates the New Year after a long time but their celebrations are a sign of improved security.

After the security situation has improved in the area, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the residents now feel more secure and safer at the time of such celebrations. However, after a long wait, the church prepares special activities for this New Year. But the most amazing thing which makes this more delightful is the participation of the Christian community. A large amount of Christian community gathered to celebrate that shows their passion and courage.

Here’s how they welcomed the New Year 2020!

A huge crowd gathered in the courtyard of the church to express their feelings of joy for the New Year. The kids, adults, everyone have a spark and passion in their eyes. And indeed, we can truly feel their happiness! Not only this, but it gives us extreme pleasure to witness such scenes.

St John’s Church Celebrates New Year After 7 Years

Source: Express

The kids are happy as they enjoy the glory of the New Year in the playing area!

St John’s Church Celebrates New Year After 7 Years

Source: Express

The people do prepare plays and performances, wear fancy clothes to create the environment of the festival. Though it’s very essential or the community as they live in fear after the tragic incident which took place in 2013.

The sparkling lights wrapped around the church and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree gives the message of peace to the world. It’s a sign that the threat of terrorism has gradually vanished.

However, Wazir Zada the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf provisional minister was the chief guest on this occasion. He said that the people of Peshawar have suffered a lot due to the terrorist activities in the past disturbed the environment. But the situation has completely changed now and the security system is improving day by day.

He stated,

“The occurrence of this New Year festival is a sign that peace has been restored in the province as well as the joy which had been snatched from the people of Peshawar,”

However, it’s absolutely heart-warming to see the minorities finally celebrating their festivities more freely. They say, we don’t feel threatened now and are happy about this. It feels amazing to come across such positive and heart-warming stories at the beginning of the New Year and we hope that not just Peshawar but all of Pakistan proves to safe for every individual

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