Cristiano Ronaldo Quarantines Himself After Roommate Gets Coronavirus!

Christiano Ronaldo Coronavirus

Initially emerging from China’s Wuhan city, the life-threatening disease Coronavirus is now severely affecting the whole wide world. With the number of affectees increasing drastically, recently, a well-known personality has gone under quarantine. Earlier today, football star Christiano Ronaldo has put himself in quarantine after his fellow Juventus roommate Daniele Rugani tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Footballer Christiano Ronaldo in quarantine after his roommate tested positive for Coronavirus!

It is indeed shocking news as Daniele Rugani is an integral part of Italy’s Juventus Football Club with a splendid record. However, not only this but recently, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson also fell prey to the fatal Coronavirus. Similarly, on Thursday, globally acclaimed footballer Christiano Ronaldo has put himself in quarantine after Daniele Rugani tested positive for Coronavirus.

Here’s what Daniele Rugani posted on his official Twitter!

(Translation of the tweet is provided below).

As per the details, Christiano Ronaldo had earlier visited Portugal to check on his ill mother who sustained a heart stroke. For confidential purposes, the news was kept private but eventually broke out gathering prayers for the footballer’s mother. However, last Sunday, Ronaldo and Rugani, after defeating Inter Milan by 2-0, celebrated the victory and had even shared a dressing room.

”Let’s do it for ourselves, for our loved ones and for those around us!”

Now, since the news of Daniele Rugani having Coronavirus go confirmed, several fellow footballers have gone in a state of worry. Taking to his official Twitter, the affected Rugani wrote, ”You must have read the news and that’s why I want to reassure all those who are worrying about me, I’m fine. I urge everyone to respect the rules because this virus makes no distinctions! Let’s do it for ourselves, for our loved ones and for those around us”.

Christiano Ronaldo Coronavirus

As the world scientists are busy discovering an effective cure for the deadly disease, it is spreading like wildfire. As per reports, the football match that took place between Juventus and Inter Milan on Sunday is now rising several concerns. Since Daniele Rugani has friendly relations with players of both teams, it is pertinent that the virus might have transmitted forward.

Apparently, as of now, players who came in contact with Daniele Rugani are also being put under observation for quarantine purposes. Well, currently, entire Italy is under lockdown after countrywide hospitals fill with Coronavirus patients. Its high time, teh world scientists find a cure which will put an end to this deadly parade.

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