A "Chips Wala" Is Making A Name For Himself By A Genuine Talent

A “Chips Wala” Is Making A Name For Himself By A Genuine Talent That Is His Voice!

Social media is incredible in terms of how quickly and effectively it can render communication and connect people altogether. It is a mighty platform that has given every single person who happens to have accounts on social networks, a voice and an opportunity in disguise to make a name for themselves.

Where the power of social media has been abused, it continues to give power to the incredible people who always have been in the hunt for recognition of their talent and abilities. Contrary to the conventional means of creating awareness, raising voices and leading campaigns, the modern world has a bevy of opportunities after opportunities in the particular aspects. Thanks to social media!

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How many social media stars have you come across ever since the mass revolution brought by social networks? They are uncountable indeed… Every person is on the go for selling themselves. You saw Arshad Khan having a mighty breakthrough that shot him to imminent fame. He became the Chai Wala and people could not stop talking about him.

This is the power of social media. It is sometimes subtle and it has its metrics leading amazing opportunities should you comply with all. Today, we bring you another talent that has chosen to present himself and his talent via social media.

Source: Iqbal Faridi Official

Have you heard about Iqbal Faridi? He is commonly known as a “Chips Wala” but he is rather important for reasons including a gifted voice, singing talent and what not…

Source: Iqbal Faridi Official

It is without a doubt Iqbal Faridi is making the best use of social media. He is rendering it for the right reasons entailing a great purpose. He has enthralled our souls with his incredible voice as he sings great songs. He has been very active on social media, continues to upload videos and my word, he has some talent!

Check out the songs amazingly sung by the “Chips Wala” who may become a sensation in no time:

He has quite a unique voice. This is real talent without quick fixes or auto-tune. Once you realize the raw nature of his ability and how passionately Iqbal Faridi sings, you sincerely have an immense appreciation for him and his work! Kudos to him for bringing us these videos. He has sung many songs and make sure to check out the rest.

Soon, this “Chips Wala” will triumph the social media and go viral because he deserves all the fame for his incredible voice and sincerity in making opportunities count.

What do you think about him?

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