Chinese Brand Apologizes To Muslims After Selling Prayer Mats As Decorative Rugs

Chinese Brand Apologizes To Muslims After Selling Prayer Mats As Decorative Rugs

chinese brand muslims prayer mats

Being a global brand, cultural ethics and morals have to be kept intact. Most importantly, one must always make sure that their image isn’t tarnished because of small cultural blunders which can be offensive to different countries and global customers.

Chinese brand sells prayer mats as ‘decorative rugs’ mistakenly

A similar mishap occurred with a famous Chinese brand, which unknowingly put up an ad for decorative rugs, which turned out to be Muslim prayer mats. Not only was this, unsettling, but it created quite an uproar in the media. Customers from all over the globe started to protest and reprimand this Chinese brand for their unethical and immoral mistake.

chinese brand muslims prayer mats

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The stance is understandable, provided that prayer mats are of great importance and hold quite a prestigious and sentimental value for Muslims all over the globe. The minute, the website started to show this product. All Muslims and Muslim influencers were boycotting and reprimanding the brand for their mistake.

The need for public relations damage control became quite arbitrary for this Chinese brand, as it faced tremendous backlash. Usually, brands that tend to have quite a reputation in the market might deter from a little negative propaganda; and most of the Muslim community was certain, that like many things, that are ignored, this will be too. However, Shein, the Chinese brand responded to the situation quite differently and we are in awe.

The Chinese brand is apologetic and ready to make amends

Just as the brand, learned about their mistake. They instantly took all the controversial products off their website. In addition, the brand also managed to issue a statement, where they have added an apology for their inconsiderate mistake.

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To our community💌 We’re sorry.

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Not only are they sorry as a whole brand, but they are sorry to the Muslim community as a whole for their insensitive mistake. They also will make sure to avoid such mistakes in the near future, by keeping every customer segment in mind.

Such mistakes are always occurring by brands and its ok. May it be a famous food chain, to a clothing retail store, everyone is bound to make a mistake. However, what we truly applaud, is the way a brand responds back to their goof-ups. Just a few days back, we say, the Pakistani ‘sherni’, Nadia Hussain yelling at her followers for not begging her for products; which honestly, might cause her a little trouble in sales. Don’t you think?

All in all, we can’t say much about her, she has always had a fiery personality; but what Shein, as a brand did, is mind-blowing and winning hearts already. We hope that many corporate brands can learn from this and we hope that our favorite Chinese brand never disappoints us again.

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