Children Parents Relationship: Why Don’t Our Parents Consider It An Issue?

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In today’s world, everything is growing and developing so quickly that a normal person needs to keep changing himself constantly. The problem came when parents are not accepting the change by themselves but watching their children going in the opposite direction like others. As those parents have never accepted the changing world and have never experienced it, they don’t want to go along with this world.

So they stop their children to move with this world because they consider it harmful and will ruin their future. The bitter truth of this society is that if a person is not having a smartphone nor he/she is much interested in social media that person is supposed to be called a backward by the society.

Source: Huffington Post

These parents always want their children to obey their orders and to take care of them in their oldness. So they keep their children away from non-curricular activities like using social media, these parents think that they are doing a good to their children (although as a parent they are doing good from themselves). But children who or not connected to the social media or other activities indirectly they are not connected to moving world by which they surround all time.

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When these children go outside and talk to other children, they came to know that they are very different from them in the sense of maturity level. Everyone is talking about the new phones, cars, superstars and things like that but these specific children didn’t know a single thing about it. Children having knowledge about the latest world start bullying and making fun of them. These children which are kept away from the modern world have to face this every day which led them to depression and inferiority complex also. And parents have no idea from which situation their child is going through.

These children grow are too shy to speak. Now as a teenage their parents want them to take their responsibilities but they are not able to have such a personality that can go along with the society. Their parents instead of helping the children, start scolding them.

They think that as a parent, they have right to do anything with their child. In this way, they are making their children mentally weak without knowing. When this child watches the children sitting with their parents like friends the inferiority complex and their anger toward their parents starts they start disliking their parents.

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