Guess These Pakistani Celebrities In Their Childhood & Claim The ‘Top Fan’ Title

pakistani celebs childhood

We all feel equally excited while going through our childhood pictures no matter how old we are. It is always a new feeling to recount the days of growing. Many celebrities all over the world are also fond of sharing their childhood pictures through social media. And we, as fans, are curious to know how our glamorous celebrities looked when they were kids.

We have compiled some rare and unseen childhood pictures of our favorite celebrities. When these pictures were taken no one knew how famous those children would become in the future. Many of these have changed so much that it is hard to recognize them in their old photos. But some are easy to guess.

Let’s see if you can guess these celebs

Hint: Celebrity sisters, Mrs. Mir (on the right)

Hint: Hussain or Hocane sisters!

Hint: Remember the unfaithful Mehwish?

Hint: Afzal is still ‘Pyarey’ 

Well, no point for guessing this

Hint: Our ‘Raees’ superstar

Hint: Afreen Afreen!

Hint: She won Tamgha-e-Imtiaz also

Sweet and simple host and actor

Hint: Asim Azhar will love this one!

Hint: Pehli Nazar Main… Bollywood loved him!

Hint: Ye hai Rockstar!

Hint: Sahad!

Hint: Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi aa chuki hai

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Let’s see how many of you have guessed them right. If you have got all right, then we are glad to tell you that you are an absolute entertainment buff and a top fan of your favorite celebrities. If you have failed, try again.


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