This 8-Year-Old Girl In Karachi Drives A Water Tanker For Money But People Are Extremely Angry!

This eight-year-old Karachi girl is going viral over the internet for driving a water tanker. And everyone is immensely proud of her, but not completely. As per news sources, the young lady is not driving the truck just for the fun of it. Instead, she’s making up for her ill father, who owns the tanker.

Khushi took the driving seat to support her family:

Eight-year-old Khushi is forced to take the wheel after her father, a tanker driver after he suffered a stroke. Following the stroke, he got paralyzed. This left the little girl with no choice but to take the matters in her hands.  She fought with her father and pleaded in front of him to let her drive the massive vehicle. In the end, he agreed and sat beside her while she delivers water in one of the busiest areas of Karachi, SherShah.

While talking to a news reporter the young girl said she needs to work to make the ends meet. She mentioned that the sole bread earner for her family, her father was paralyzed. And now he’s unable to work and provide for the family. The rising inflation and price hike along with her father’s ailment forced the young kid to take her father’s seat.

Khushi said she loves going to school but can’t afford the fee and other expenses. She also expressed the desire to become an Army officer once she grows up.

People are extremely angry, however, with Khushi’s traffic violation

Even though the little girl’s struggle is commendable and she makes us proud but how can we ignore safety measures and let her drive the massive tanker. It could mean putting so many lives in danger. Also, underage driving is a violation, even with light vehicles, let alone a water tanker.

And this opinion is shared by the traffic police too, the DIG traffic police took notice of the viral video and have ordered to investigate the matter further. He said that underage driving is not allowed at any cost. And although the human element is there, she might cause an accident. And if that happens, who will be held accountable? The DG traffic added that they will help the poor family, but cannot allow the young girl to drive the tanker.


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