I Am A Victim Of Child Abuse But Want All The Parents Out There To Be Careful

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It is very difficult to be a girl in this world. Even if you are just 9 or 10 years old. You are not safe even in your own house. He was my uncle who started to touch me inappropriately. He used to touch me and kiss me. At first I was unaware of his actions but gradually I came to know that he was doing something bad with me. My mother was a working lady and my father was also busy so I had no one to share with.

All I used to do is hide or run away from him. After sometimes, his son also started to touch me inappropriately, whenever he found me asleep he used to touch me here and there. I had no option except running away. After 2 3 years my mother put me on tuition. I have to go at my baji’s house. There her brother used to sexually harass me. I wanted to scream but I was not able to. I wanted that somebody come and rescue me from these monsters but nobody was there to help me. This torture continue till I was 13.

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For me my childhood was very difficult to bear. These incidents changed my whole personality. From a jolly minded girl, I become an introvert. I used to get scared when any man tried to shake hand with me or tried to give me sweet. I was never the same girl that I used to be.

Source: Canopy Children’s Solutions

If you see my uncle and his son today you can’t even imagine that they ruined someone’s life. They have become so religious and always talk about God like they are afraid of God’s anger and punishment.

It took me a lot of guts just to write this. But I really wanted to tell all women out there that please wake up! Don’t leave your child with anyone not even with your brother. Don’t think whether a child is a boy or girl just don’t leave your child like that.

You don’t even know what incident can change his whole personality. Please communicate with your child and make him aware that what is right and what is wrong. Educate him to raise voice against wrong. Please listen to your child.

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