Child Abuse: Parents Be Aware Of The Pedophiles Hurting Your Children

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I was hardly 10 years old. when I was sexually abused! He used to pay visit to our house every 4 to 5 months and would stay almost a week or two. All of us loved him as he was our mother’s youngest brother. He was 23 at that time. One night during his stay, when we were asleep, he left his bed and snuck in the bed besides me and then grabbed me. The very next morning I tried to tell my mother about his weird behavior but due to my inadequacy in explaining her, she didn’t pay much heed to what I had to say.

I was abused for almost ten years by him. At nights, sometimes during the day as well. I would always try to run away, but he was stronger and always held me tightly. I would try to call for help but he always managed to stop me. After a few times this became a routine for him and it would always end up in pain for me.



He used to rub his face upon me. Touched me and rubbed himself on me. It was painful then and it is painful now. I could not sleep at nights in fear that someone will come abuse me while I lay in my bed. I hate him! I want to peel off each and every inch of my skin that felt his touch.




I really want to share my pain with my parents but can not bring myself to do so. It has been 13 years now and the wound, the hurt on my being is still fresh as it was all those years ago. The constant psychological pain has made me clinically depressed. I understand these things better than I did when I was a child and it is even more painful to think about it now than it was before. The thought of him touching me still sends shivers down my spine.

I am just sharing this with the hope that it might save someone else from the emotional trauma that I have endured. Maybe this will educate some parents and teach them how prevalent this issue is. Maybe this will help them better educate their children on how to keep away from such people and inform an adult if something like this happens, and if my story can help even one child from this pain, my mission is complete.

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