Child Abuse – A Serious Problem In Pakistani Society.

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I know it’s clichéd, but people in our society do not wish to talk about it openly. Just because they think it will ruin their public image. I am writing about it because I want to convey the message that it is okay to talk about child abuse and that, by highlighting this issue and spreading awareness, the problems can be solved. It’s important to talk about this issue to spread awareness  to avoid problems in future.

Over 3700 cases of child abuse were reported during 2015(CSA). And the growth rate of these cases is 7% per year, which is exceedingly alarming.

As we already know that there are 3 types of child abuse: Physical, sexual and emotional abuse. All these types of child abuse are equally destructive and deteriorating to the child who goes through this trauma. In Pakistani society, the lower class is mostly affected by this heinous crime, although it depends upon the nature of the household as well.

It has been observed that in our society a child goes through all three types of child abuse at the same time which deprives the child of their innocence at such an early age. Also, they go through these different types of child abuse separately, in some cases. Abuse by a loved one belonging to a child’s own family is devastatingly traumatic for the child.

Source: Portland Family Magazine

For example, sexual abuse by a father or uncle, physical abuse like beating a child frequently that creates a kind of fear in them, suppressing a child’s dreams by the parents and family; forcing him/her to follow the will and demands of parents or family; that’s emotional abuse.

The after effects of these abuses are highly negative and hazardous. As that child grows up, he faces a lot of issues like mental problems, depression, learning disabilities, emotionally unstableness, etc. This abuse of children is not only done by their own family, now they have started abducting children to brainwash them, abuse them and use them for illegal practices as well as sadistic and cruel activities.


In Pakistan, children are being abused in every way possible. Hearing stories of abuse and just imagining them going through all of this so painful. People have literally become some worst kinds of animals and they have no humanity left in them. When children tell their mothers that they have been abused by their father or stepfather or brother or even uncle, the mother has no guts to stand up against this, and she even asks her child to never talk about it.

Most people shut their children because they care more about their family’s public image and think that it will be ruined if their children discuss their abuse openly. So they seal the children’s mouth and tell them to never talk about it, harming them even more from the inside out. Children with physical abuse also face some very cruel inner trauma and if not treated properly and given real love and affection, they go through a phase of destruction, they even become abusers as well.

There are so many child abuse stories out there from which you learn, what actually they go through and how are the children affected. So I want to spread this message with my article, that don’t be weak, fight for your freedom and express yourselves. To the men who are abused, I would like to say that don’t give up on yourselves because we all have our own rights, whether it be a man or a woman.

When you will speak up for yourself that is when the things will start changing. Don’t suppress your stories, write it down, share it because it is important to let go all that suppression and free yourselves of that invisible cage that you’ve built inside you. The change will come when we start fighting for ourselves. The change will come when you start listening to these stories and help these people out there who have faced this abusive trauma.

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