This “Chick Magnet” Is Renting Out "Love Services" to All The Single Ladies This Valentine's Day

This “Chick Magnet” Is Renting Out “Love Services” to All The Single Ladies This Valentine’s Day

Since celebrating Valentine‘s day is banned in Pakistan, there are going to be no celebrations anywhere. Don’t be disheartened by this because you might see some red heart-shaped balloons at the local vendors. There are chances of you getting your janu baby some gifts. 😉 The government has been banning the celebrations for the past few years. Plus, the police of all the major cities is on a watch. If they see two people of the opposite gender enjoying coca cola with aloo chat, chances are, they would catch and investigate them.

What about those loners who have no one to take out on an aloo chat and chai date?! Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We accidentally came across this Indian guy who was renting himself out on the internet for Valentine’s day date. The guy named Shakul has his very own Facebook page where he shared 4 days ago the details of how he is renting himself out. He shared a looong list of details and few of his photos. The details on the page are insane!


Check out the different packages that he is offering!!


00:00 – 23:59 14th Feb 2018

Package 1:
Holding hands & putting arm around the shoulders

Package 2:
Holding hands, putting arm around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks & forehead

Package 3:
Holding hands, putting arm around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks, forehead, and lips

Package 4:

Use promo code ‘RICHGUY’ and get
– 20% off
– Freeride in my Audi


– 26 y/o
– 56 kg
– 160 cm
– Assuring you that your family will love me (even your friends )
– Sagittarius so I’m generous, open-minded & idealistic
– Willing to be your makeup practice model
– Can cook any kind of dish
– Watch Netflix with you

Different personas I’m willing to pull off:
– Christian Grey (never tried it but willing to explore and try new things )
– Billionaire playboy who was stuck on an island for 5 years
– Gay (just to make you laugh)
– Innocent look
– Sweet lover
– Bad boy

If you are interested, comment here or message me

FB –
IG – shakulgupta

P.S. – You can choose wherever you want to go and what to do

VALENTINE'S DAY BOYFRIEND RENTAL 00:00 – 23:59 14th Feb 2018 Package 1:Holding hands & putting arm around the…

Posted by Shakul on Saturday, February 10, 2018

The 4 packages he has mentioned seems that he’s pretty generous. *Ahem* But wait, he has his own promo code as well which is “RICHGUY”, along with it a free ride in his Audi. OMG! The list of his talents doesn’t end here. He can be your model for makeup, he can cook, he can watch Netflix with you and chill. Such versatility! He is willing to do role plays as well. Ever seen a guy like him? Feel like going on a date with him? Pssst, he has shared his Snapchat username as well. Have fun and let us know which package would you chose! 😀

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