"Cherishing My Brown Complexion" - Girl Shows How She Embraced Her Skin Tone

“Cherishing My Brown Complexion” – This Girl Shows How She Embraced Her Skin Tone And Felt Beautiful

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I am a confident and happy brown girl. Strange? How can a girl call her complexion dark and be so confident? Yes, Fair and Lovely and such creams taught me not to trust my own self, by purchasing harmful chemicals causing skin cancer, just to make my skin a tone lighter because only fair girls are beautiful.

But here is my open challenge to all beauty creams to prove that I am not beautiful with my brown shade. How can skin color decide our destiny? I need no proof to feel and look beautiful. The fact is that if I can’t feel beautiful right at this moment with whatever I have, I would never feel beautiful despite whatever more I have to offer.

This is me at the moment, I feel so sad when beautiful but innocent girls hide their beauty behind the thick white base on their face. I want them to see this video and understand that skin doesn’t decide your beauty. Your character decides how beautiful you are, your heart decides how beautiful you are, everything about you is already so beautiful.

So it’s time to watch this video and cherish your brown complexion. Let’s unite together against fake beauty standards to regain our lost self-esteem behind all the makeup and base.

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