Cher In Pakistan To Send Off Kaavan She Worked To Free – Meets PM Imran

Cher Pakistan Kaavan

American singer Cher is in Pakistan to send off Kaavan, the elephant she has spent years trying to free. The iconic singer is in Pakistan to see him before Kaavan moves to a sanctuary in Cambodia on Sunday.

The 36-year-old Asian elephant has spent most of his life in Islamabad Zoo. Much of that time remained without a companion. Animal rights advocates have campaigned for Kaavan to be rescued from grim conditions.

Image: Twitter

Cher tweeted her thanks after meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday “For Making It Possible For Me To Take Kaavan To Cambodia”.

PM also thanked the American singer Cher and invited her to participate further in environmental initiatives in Pakistan.

Kaavan will live in the Cambodian province of Siem Reap. He has been training with international specialists from rescue organization Four Paws, armed with bananas and other treats. They are making him get used to the small enclosure and loud noises of the 10-hour flight.

Meanwhile, well-wishers in Pakistan, including President Arif Alvi, have been saying goodbye to Kaavan this week, said Reuters.

Kaavan’s farewell party

Officials and well-wishers gathered at Islamabad Zoo on Monday for a farewell party for Pakistan’s lonely elephant Kaavan.

Meanwhile, officials had gathered among balloons and signs saying “Farewell Kaavan, we will miss you”.

Children posed for photos. Moreover, musicians performed in front of the enclosure, with Kaavan at one point serenaded while he snacked on some grass.

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