“Royal Blues In the Sky”-Chelsea UEFA Champions League Winner

Chelsea has done it, Thomas Tuchel has done it. None of the managers have done this before, joining in the mid of the season and taking his new team towards the path of glory.

Chelsea has beaten Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League final and became the best European Club team in the world.

Source: Guardian

Thomas Tuchel and his warriors had shattered Pep Guardiola’s dream to lift the trophy since he left Barcelona and tried his luck.

No doubt he changed the perspective of football gameplay, but he couldn’t manage to lift the most prestigious trophy in European Club history and after a lot of struggle finally he came that close but failed.

Chelsea UEFA Champions League Winner:

The final stage took place in Portugal, Porto where two English giants clashed for the biggest finale in the European football competition.

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No one believed, that this would be the outcome, where Blues had dominated when it comes to attacking and had various opportunities.

From the beginning, Chelsea exhibited their true class of attacking, where Mason Mount managed to pass several defenders in many scenarios.

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But at the 42nd minute with the brilliant through ball by Mason Mount to Kai Havertz he has beaten Ederson and hit the sweet spot to give his team an early lead.

It was the beauty in every manner, the Chelsea fans jumping on their seats and cheering them. Manchester City’s creative players like Kevin De Bruyne, Rahim Sterling, Maharez couldn’t showcase their exact gameplay and looked like they were under pressure.

The second half began and Manchester City started pressing the blues. But that surely wasn’t enough to test them. Some of the great clearance have been seen by the Chelsea defenders, but there’s only one man who stood apart from all other players and that’s none other than N’Golo Kanté.

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N’Golo Kanté stood like a wall in front of the Manchester City’s players and none of Pep’s knights breaks it. The final whistle blew and that’s when the real celebration began.

Chelsea won the match with a 1-0 score and beaten Chelsea for the third time on different occasions since Tuchel arrived.

There’s no doubt Chelsea limited City with only one shot on target and last night the blues performance was phenomenal.

Thomas Tuchel’s Champion Manager:

Source: DW

Thomas Tuchel shared his delightful experience and thoughts. “I was so grateful to arrive anyway, to arrive the second time, but it felt different. We somehow could feel it and I’m happy.

“Today, they were deserving to win this. We wanted to be the stone in the shoe, the stone in the clockwork of Man City. We encouraged everyone to step out, go for duels one-on-one.

“The second half was a real fight.

“That was a massive moment [with Christian Pulisic] that could have been 2-0 then we had to defend.

“It was very intense, very fast, the circumstances.”

Even Tuchel was surprised for not seeing Fernandinho starting, which played in their favor and he said. “I expected Fernandinho in the line-up.

He chose a very offensive, technical line-up, very hard to steal the ball and recover the ball. Everything else we pretty much expected.

“I think the game was exceptional, the first time we are here.”

Pep Guardiola’s Decision & His Lost:

Source: Gulf News

With many criticisms of not starting with Fernandinho, he explained “I decided the decision, to have quality players. Gundogan played for many years in this position.

“To have speed, to find the small players, the quality, the brilliant players, inside, in the middle, and between the lines. This was the decision.”

“I don’t know – the decisions I made, the players did everything to try to win the game.”

Pep Guardiola still finding that champions league trophy puzzle to fit it, because he managed to hold everything in English League except the Champions League trophy. That’s the only missing puzzle he’s been searching for since he left Camp Nou.

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