Is It Cheesy Or Chatt Patta Introducing Knorr Cheesy Chatt Patta Noodles!

Cheesy Chatt Patta Knorr Noodles

Did someone say Chatt Patta or Cheesy? Guess we heard both! Knorrpk has just added its newest Cheesy Chatt Patta flavor to the Knorr noodle family. It ensures that the perfect blend provides its customers the best way to have fun.

The perfect mix of Cheesy Chatt Patta Knorr noodles is evident in this loving and caring relationship between two brothers.

Some of the most well known Pakistani influencers have also been in the groove after trying out noodles Knorr’s cheesy and chat patta flavor. These influencers include the “Pawri horahi hai” girl Dananeer Mubeen, Dua Amjad, Aqsa Amir, Hunaina Rasool, Rida Mirza, Sarah Chaudhary and Tashfeen.

aqsa noodles

dananeer noodles

Cheesy Chatt Patta

cheesy chatt patta

knorr noodles

sara chaudhry knorr cheesy chatt patta

tashfeen knorr noodles

Knorr’s cheesy chatpata flavor is indeed a must-try. We guarantee that you won’t be able to hold yourself back once you dig in. Check out this video to get further insights of this amazing chatpata flavour.

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