Adnan Siddiqui Memes Are Here To Stay: Check Out Some Of The Funniest

adnan siddiqui memes

A celebrity should keep in mind that whenever they post a picture online, it may end up becoming fodder for the next Twitter memes, looks like the popular actor Adnan Siddiqui learned that the hard way when he posted a selfie in front of a pile of burning liquor.

In the last couple of days, a video of the actor participating in the destruction ceremony of confiscated goods went viral.

Image: Instagram

Siddiqui took part in a destruction ceremony of confiscated goods organized by the Customs (Enforcement) Karachi. He recorded himself taking part in the destruction of seized liquor and drugs.

In the said video, the Meray Paas Tum Ho actor can be seen with some police officials. He goes on to shatter a large number of alcohol bottles. The video itself became the talk of the town. Siddiqui, too, took to social media and shared a post about the same.

“Waging a war against drugs,” the actor penned while sharing some pictures from the site. “Lit fire to narcotics at the Destruction Ceremony of Confiscated Goods organized by Customs (Enforcement) Karachi. Drugs are an evil that rusts our youth and our nation. A symbolic message that it’s to be turned to ash.”

“Was a guest at the event where the department destroys smuggled and other goods confiscated by it through the year,” he added. “These include liquor, cigarettes, betel nuts contraband; the cost of what was destroyed today is a whopping $2.5 million.”

Soon after this post, a particular photo of Siddiqui, showing him taking a selfie with the aforementioned drugs ablaze in the background, became the first meme of 2022. Memes of Adnan Siddiqui are the best so far this year.

Here are some of the funniest ones we found:

It goes without saying that Pakistani meme-makers are having a fun time and so are we! We hope the actor is getting as many laughs out of these memes as the rest of us are.

The generation that grew up watching the infamous Meray Paas Tum Ho probably knows Siddiqui as Shehwaar, the businessman who takes housewife Mehwish into his grips.

Image: Instagram

But if you have been following him since the beginning of his career, you will know Siddiqui has been a star since his first drama in 1992 called Uroosa where he impressed us all with his remarkable performance.

The renowned actor who is best known for his suave personality on television previously penned down a note about his acting experience. Siddiqui earlier also referred to himself as a ‘vampire’ when asked about how he feels about starring next to young female actors.

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