SHOCKING! Chakwal Imam Arrested For Molesting 5 Minors & Filming Them

Chakwal Imam molesting minors filming

In Pakistan, madrassas are allegedly infested with the sexual abuse of minors. In fact, it is as common as discussing it is taboo! A recent case of the pervasive sexual abuse case came to the limelight wherein the police arrested an imam for molesting anf filming a total of five minor students in a madrassa in Talagang, Chakwal.

The past decade has seen hundreds of cases of clerics sexually abusing children reported in the media. However, the number is barely the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of incidences of sexual abuse in the madrassas. It is perhaps the oversight of the authorities to be blamed for ruining lives of the innocent children.

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It is not uncommon to find cases of even minors being raped in religious institutions of Pakistan. One such harrowing incidence occurred in the Talagang area of Chakwal. An imam sexually abused four minor girls and one boy.

Four 9-year-old minor girls and a boy used to go to the Imam of Jama Masjid of Phulari in Talagang Tehsil, Chakwal who was molesting and filming them. While he sexually exploited them, his accomplice allegedly filmed his obscene act. The police arrested the accused lately.

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Reportedly, the police also interrogated the victims, stating that the accused imam had sexually abused them several times. Not only that but also threatened to make their videos viral. What a shame!

Madrasas are the only means of education available for some people in Pakistan. It is to be noted that there are around 32,000 madrasas attended by at least 2.5 million students in Pakistan – according to the official statistics. However, let’s not forget that these are the registered and regulated ones.


It is saddening to see how some unchecked madrasas are becoming a place of harassment, abuse, and child molestation. Regardless of all the measures that Pakistan’s education ministry has taken to modernize the curriculum and discipline in madrasas, we see no difference. The indigenous system of religious education in Pakistan is evidently no longer serving its true purpose.

In addition to this, what’s even more shocking is that it is the teachers who teach the sacred text of the Holy Quran and who commit these horrific acts. Sadly, they are more commonly known for molesting and torturing innocent kids.

The gut-wrenching tales of child abuse persist in the country. Moreover, this is not the first case of such an incident occurring in a madrasa. Two years back, a 9-year-old kid was beaten to death by his madrasa teacher.

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