Charlie Hebdo Misuses Freedom Of Speech For Disrespecting Again

Charlie Hebdo Misuses Freedom Of Speech For Disrespecting Again

The “satirical” magazine that stands so strongly for “Freedom of Speech” has proven once again that they’re willing to cross all lines for the sake of controversy.

The controversial magazine that came under fire when they released disrespectful imagery of the Prophet of Islam has done it again. After causing sociopolitical unrest in the Muslim world due to their display and misuse of freedom of speech, the magazine has now released a comic mocking the victims of the recent earthquake in Italy.

The comic depicts the victims of the earthquake, wrapped in bandages and covered in blood as “pasta”. Where the bandage is the penne pasta and the blood doubles as the pasta sauce. Another panel shows the victims under rubble as lasagne.

This action sparked the argument against Freedom of speech again and the discussion on where can we draw the line. It is understandable to not manage and censor everyone for saying anything as long as they are not inciting hate, but what about the moral implications of something so cold and disturbing?

Should blatant disrespect be also protected under that freedom? Or should every case be handled separately based on the impact that it creates?

contrary to how they reacted when Muslims were being mocked, the social media erupted with anger against them this time

Even though most of the proponents of freedom of speech protected and defended the magazine’s right to make fun of whatever they wanted when they made fun of Islam, the same people are now taking it to the social media to chant “disrespect” in this case.

It took the Italians to be mocked to go from “Je Suis Charlie” to “Je Suis NOT Charlie”

It took all this for them to realize that not everything that is legal is okay

A Realization that came 3 years too late

“Learn to take a joke, guys!”

This girl knows what’s up!

This composite tweet by Al jazeera sums it all up

In a nutshell, all those who supported the magazine under the pretext of the Freedom of Speech are now rethinking their actions when the freedom hurt them emotionally!

Where should the lines be drawn when it comes to the freedom? Do you think Charlie Hebdo misused it?

Let us know!

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