West Indies Or US? Champions Trophy 2025 Likely To Be Shifted From Pakistan

Champions Trophy 2025 shifted

Pakistan is losing every opportunity to host the ICC event, the first Asia Cup 2023, and now the Champions Trophy 2025 is likely to be shifted from Pakistan.

As per the reports, there might be a high chance that the Champions Trophy 2025 tournament will be shifted from Pakistan to the West Indies or the United States of America.

Pakistan may lose ICC Champions Trophy 2025: report - Sports Aaj English TV
Source: Aaj English TV

Yes, you heard the good news it’s circulating all over social media and this decision occurred because of Asia Cup 2023 venue drama.

Ever since the Indian cricket team refused to travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023, till now nothing has been decided yet regarding the tournament.

This whole Asia Cup 2023 drama indeed might affect Champions Trophy hosting chances.

Champions Trophy 2025 Shifted To West Indies Or USA

As per the News 18 reports, “the International Cricket Council (ICC) is considering shifting the 2025 tournament from Pakistan to the Caribbean, while the 2024 T20 World Cup would be moved to Scotland and Ireland.

However, these discussions are in their early stages and have only been conducted verbally. The broadcasters for the next ICC media rights are also in agreement with this proposal, and if things progress smoothly, the changes may be implemented.”

The reason behind choosing these two countries instead of the United Kingdom because of the scheduling constraints.

England can only host events from May to June window. Although Ireland and Scotland are in consideration for the 2024 T20 World Cup.

Necessary Infrastructure

Shifting the event to the USA will give them leverage to develop and work on the necessary infrastructure needed for hosting the tournament.

“The current infrastructure situation in the USA is not very encouraging. Even if they successfully host the upcoming Major League Cricket, hosting an event like the T20 World Cup is a different ball game altogether. Where will you host the matches when the venues aren’t ready?

Breaking: Defending Champions Pakistan to Host 2025 ICC Champions Trophy
source: Cricket Pakistan

Also, a long tournament in the far west could be a loss-making proposition for the broadcasters in the sub-continent, where the returns are highest,” says a source reported by News18.

It would be a big loss for Pakistan if the Champions Trophy shifted to any of these countries for various reasons. As per the latest update, ACC started preparation for Asia Cup 2023 without Pakistan.

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