Chai Wala Owner Gives Munh Tor Jawab To Dramatic Customer

So yesterday night, news of the local dhaba-with-a-twist, Chai Wala, was going viral.

Located at Bukhari commercial’s Lane #1 in Karachi, it has been attracting tea lovers with its typical dhaba-style outdoor setup and truck-art inspired theme.

The family-friendly dhaba was claimed to be serving “qeema parathas stuffed with ‘rat remains’..“, and was covered by Metro News on television.


With their incredible powers of deduction and crime scene expertise on call, the utterly reliable photographic evidence held fast and strong.


People were freaking out.


No, really, people were seriously freaking out.

mkjnljklsource: halaatupdates

How are you commenting then??

fjghjghsource: halaatupdates

Here we have a classic over-thinker:

klhfdsource: halaatupdates

Chi Wala’s Response 

With the pictures and news spreading on Facebook, the owner of Chai Wala decided to send a response on both their official Facebook page and the group Halaat Updates.

The response mentioned the oh-so “graceful customer” and her dramatic claims – by the end of the post, we all wanted to high five the owner.

 tumblr_nbwe0u8nij1tralmvo9_250source: pakistanigifworld

Here is the full post from the Chai Wala Page 

Dear Chai wala Patrons,It has come to our attention that certain individuals are cooking up a conspiracy against us…

Posted by Chai Wala on Wednesday, 30 March 2016

And the post from Halaat Updates


With over 1.5k likes in both the posts combined, it’s safe to say everyone is on Chai Wala’s side.

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