Chai wala Inspires Starbucks To Come To Pakistan

Are you one of those people who had to previously travel to different countries just to take a picture of a starbucks cup with their misspelled names scribbled on it?

Well, fear not! Following the fame of Arshad Khan aka The Chai wala on the internet across the globe, Star Bucks has realized the massive market for a good hot beverage and hotter coffee baristas.  We wouldn’t be surprised if their first marketing move is to have Arshad Khan as their own specialist Chai Barista.

Now, all those who haven’t traveled outside of Pakistan can spam their Instagram feeds with the Star Bucks logo. We’re assuming that this would create some healthy competition between them and Sattar Buksh as well. And maybe it will force Gloria Jeans to finally up their game (it’s about time!).

And if they try to re-send Sattar Buksh a legal notice for parodying their logo and name, we might just see a mini war of coffee shops with people choosing either sides loyally.

The Possible Pakistani Flavors!

 Starbucks is popular for its signature offerings like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel Mocha, Chile Mocha, scones, cakes, muffins and others but who knows what they might change them to in Pakistan.

Maybe we’ll see some Ginger Spiced Coffee or something with a hint of Garam Masala in it (Oh God NO!).  Or maybe if they decide to go overboard with experimentation; Sweet Jalebi Song, Gulab Jamun Chumma, Daarcheeni Delight might also be soon available.

Although no date or pricing patterns have been specified yet, it will definitely make a big splash in the coffee market of Pakistan.

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