“Chai Pani Ka Kharcha Day Do”, The Magical Words Every Karachitte Has Heard At Least Once

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“Chai Pani Ka Kharcha Day Do”. This is the sentence that every Karachi citizen often hear from Policemen. The wordings of this sentence can be changed, like when we ask for Eidi in the days of eid or gift for brothers love etc. But the meaning remains the same.

Bikers have faced the situation so many times now, that now they keep 50-100 rs extra in their pockets so they can get rid of the policemen (if they have to face them even after changing routes and trying to bypass them) instead of NIC and legal documents, as having all the documents with them also won’t be able to save them from those magical words.

The situation has gotten to such a horrible point that we have socially accepted this, neither do the policemen feel any shame in asking for it, nor do the citizens feel the shame in paying for it. For policemen, it’s the “gift or money” that is required to meet their expenses apart from salary. For the public it’s the ransom money that they have to pay to get rid of them.


Source: awamiawaz.com

Presently it seems that the public is helpless because in the case of refusal the policemen harass the public by asking them to go to the police station or by threatening that the car or bike will be taken into custody, because of which any normal person gives up and is left with no option but to pay money.

Every disease in the body starts from a negligible point and then spreads in the whole body if not treated on time. Our country is a like a body too and its multiple government departments are its body parts.


Source: dunyanews.tv

I want the people who are authorized for dealing with this kind of situations to come up with a solution and solve this matter as soon as possible, else this will keep getting worse in not just the police department, but also in other departments like hospitals, school, and other government facilities. Due to this, maybe today, the authorities do not suffer, but in future, their family and children will have to suffer from this along with the general public.

And if they are able to handle this issue at this stage, they will have a big hand in saving and making a better Pakistan for future generations and history will remember them as gold coins.

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