New Marketing Strategy Of Dissing Chai Has Slowly Made Its Way Into The Industry!

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Chai, you are such an old fashioned drink, you are not even worthy to drink when I get tired, your presence in social gathering make me feel such a “Paindu”, once for all can you just listen to you not even close or better than any other soft drinks or coffee, so just leave or go away…

Chai lovers are you hurt…? So Am I…

This is exactly how some of our marketing campaigns are portraying the image of “Tea” in Pakistan. Some of our marketing campaigns are dissing tea because “Drinking tea is just so old fashioned” or in straight words “Just so paindu” one of our coffee brand is comparing tea with watching movies on VCR or listening to songs on cassettes which are just so overrated.

In a recent campaign, a beverage company again was dissing tea in comparison of a soft drink which is just like wow…who is actually researching for these kinds of campaigns?? Knowing the fact that tea and soft drinks are two different natures of drinks.

Let’s get back to our country example; “Chai” which is not just a word it’s a word of happiness, a tradition, and an experience of emotional attachment.

Do You Know WHY???

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Because our mornings start with Chai, exam preparation “Chai bna do”, Mehman ay serve them with “Chai”, plan for get together ideal time “Teatime”, in case of a headache, tiredness or fatigue only “Chai, Chai, Chai” I bet those campaign owners actually drink more “Chai” than the brand whose image they are portraying on TV better than Chai. It is estimated that over 600 million worth of tea consumed by Pakistanis every year.

Let’s Get To The Actual Fact Why Chai or Tea Is Better Than Any Other Soft Drinks!!!

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All types of “Chai” come from leaves or stems of plants, specifically black, white and green tea comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis, while herbal teas like peach, peppermint or raspberry comes from other different plants and herbs. On the other hand, everyone knows that how soft drinks are made of artificial sweeteners, natural flavorings, water, chemicals and not to forget color enhancers.

Sugar Content:

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Sugar, which is a carbohydrate, can be easily found in our foods and drinks.  It is important to note that sugar intake is really important for your energy and strong muscles but excessive sugar intake can actually be worse than you can imagine, it’s not only become the reason for obesity but also can be a serious cause of type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, cancer and heart diseases. 

Note: According to the American Heart Association women can consume not more than 6 tablespoons of sugar and a male can consume not more than 9 tablespoons of sugar each day.

How Much Sugar Our Drinks Have?

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According to an Australian Nutrition Research,

Soft drinks 600ml bottle contains 65 grams of sugar which mean your 600ml bottle of soft drink contains more than 16 tablespoons of sugar. Interestingly a small can of your soft drink contain more than 8 tablespoons of sugar

According to a research conducted by caffeine informer, a simple chai with sugar and milk has 22 grams of sugar.

Caffeine Content

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Caffeine is a CNS stimulant belong to a class of methylxanthines (Theobromine), the highest concentration of caffeine is present in different coffee products such as espresso. It can be found in tea, energy drinks, chocolate candy and cola drinks

The amount of caffeine which is needed to decrease fatigue and increases mental alertness is a total of 100 to 400 mg; here are three excessive amounts of caffeine:

Moderate Dose of caffeine cause: insomnia, anxiety, and agitation

High Dose of caffeine cause: vomiting and convulsions

Lethal Dose of caffeine, which means an approximate 100 cups of coffee which is 10g of caffeine, can cause cardiac arrhythmias (Abnormal heartbeat)

Black coffee with a size of 12 oz contains 260mg, Tea contains 30-80mg caffeine with a size of 8 oz, and here is good news for soda lovers that your soda contains 30-70mg caffeine with a size of 12oz.

Here is one important thing that cola without caffeine contains 41 calories while tea, on the other hand, itself contain 1 calories while adding one tablespoon of sugar and 2 percent of milk in your tea added a total of 8 calories.

Next time before dissing tea, please do some research FIRST

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