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It is always wonderful to see people joining hands to help those in need. Particularly in this time of Coronavirus, we cannot be more pleased to announce this good news of a blind man rescued in Karachi by the entire nation. Since his news caught fire, the entire nation helped to rescue this blind man, Chacha Javed, to get him back on his feet.

Moreover, the helpers of this initiative went as far as getting the man’s eyes checked from a clinic. They took his son as well. Both the father and the son had unfortunately irreparable eye anomaly, and could not be saved BUT we still think you should read this story to see how miraculously things worked out for this old man famously known as “Chacha Raja Javed” by everyone in Karachi.

So how was Chacha Javed rescued?

It started from the video footage of Raja Javed circulating on the internet. In this video, also attached below, he talked about the way he was laid off from Port Grand. The old man had lost most of his sight because of an unfortunate incident at work that led to leaving him half-blind.

After being laid off and not given a salary for three months, he decided to sell stationary outside Port Grand, sometimes on the temple side, to make living for himself and his family. This poor man, being the sole bread earner of his family, has a son who is also blind.

Later on, when his ex-employers learned about him speaking up, they allegedly fired him. The evident to it, you can see in this footage.

Update regarding the Elderly man selling stationary at Teen Talwar – Halaat Updates

This old uncle went viral through Halaat updates yesterday. As I mentioned that I will go and look around for him and help him out. I was able to find him and I feel sad and really pissed off to mention that the bloody port grand management has sacked him after his video went viral. You can view the video to know the reason.. This is pathetic. I hope people boycott port grand and help this uncle . I have given him my number. He will contact me tomorrow again. Video and Text submitted by Zubair Farooq DadiThis is the original video

Gepostet von TheUpdates am Montag, 20. April 2020

In the video, you can see how the poor old man speaks of his tragedy. He is clearly hesitant of stating the truth, fearing anything that could come his way next. But fortunately, the world didn’t sit silent. Everybody shared videos of this man around social media, asking for help. Many accumulated a mighty sum of money.

Many people rushed to help this man upon hearing the news. And here we have gathered some names from the incident. Shahbaz Khuwaja, Kamran Amin, and Zubair Farooq Dadi took the lead on this and accumulated a good sum of money for the man.

One of the leaders of this initiative updated the followers on April 23. “We took Chacha and his son to a renowned private eye clinic. After a thorough assessment, it is the doctor’s opinion that both his and his son’s eyes are far too damaged to be repaired.

The best-case scenario for his son is to maintain the remaining 10% vision he has through corrective eye drops. He will need those to take for the rest of his life.

The assessment was reinforced by the second opinion at another clinic. However, the second doctor also thinks there is the possibility of surgery for his son. But this will need to be confirmed after a subsequent checkup. This is scheduled after 2 weeks and I will update accordingly.”

Chacha Raja Javaid’s living conditions

Then he went on to give a little peep into the life of Chacha starting off by explaining Chacha’s living conditions. “It is a very small room just outside of Port Grand which was literally boiling. There was not even a fan there and a normal person cannot tolerate it for more than 10 minutes.”

And following that he informed, “Chacha was born in 1945 and is too old and disabled to be doing any sort of labor-intensive function. His son, Ali, is 20ish years old and was an avid fan of swimming and other sports. He used to be a waiter in one of the restaurants until he lost his sight some time back. After this, Chacha became the sole bread earner at 75 years of age. The only reason he is still sweeping floors is because they have nothing else. He loves his children and is willing to work until his last breath.”

The total collection

There’s no doubt, an act of kindness goes a long way. Much like the case was with this chacha. Just yesterday, one of the leaders of this initiative updated the contributors, “After posting the photo on the group, I received numerous donation queries through just this platform for which I am grateful. At the end of the day, we were able to accumulate a grand sum of 174,000 in the latest round of donations which were disbursed to chacha today. There were other donations in the previous round a well involving a sum of 20k and 15k. Overall, this is the amount chacha required to get a “farz” paper for the land he has in Jhelum and will help him out in the future financially. Chacha will be going back on the first train to his village.”

However, this is just one of the helpers. There are many more people who rushed to his rescue and share good money to help support his family. Moral of the story? Chacha is in good hands, a good condition now. He is making enough to make a living for his family and immensely thankful to the nation for joining hands for him.

A sufficient amount was collected from all the endeavors undertaken by the supporters of this cause.

Coronavirus has not been easy for us. The worst came at the poor people of our society and we have witnessed many suffering the brunt of it, lately. We really hope this ends soon.


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