This Chacha Took ‘Choona Lagana’ To A Whole New Level By His Way Of Fooling People In Public

Conning is a subtle art that qualifies as a crime. Con artists around the world are so good at deception that you start believing that their crimes are easy. It is due to the fact they make it look easy by their intricate and quick moves and in no time, their job’s done.

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It only sounds easy because being a con-artist, it requires some kind of ability to do a crime in such a manner. In our desi culture, con artists are translated into the people jo choona laganay mein mahir hotay hein. It could be your mechanic, subordinate, family member, shop merchant, gardener and as well as your Kasai on Bakra Eid

You do not have to be a special kind of innocent to get “choonafied”. You can be a pretty badass and get conned pretty much at the same time regardless. It does not matter because there are choona laganay walay alphas all around you.

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In Lahore, a man selling goods at a roadside heeded the police and public’s attention towards him after what seemed like all his goods had fallen and scattered all over the road. Obviously, he could not recover anything and needed money for his loss. So, he started gaining sympathy and ultimately, he was helped in financial terms.

Now a reality check: this chacha did it repeatedly on a number of places around Lahore because he was fooling people to believe and cover for his loss.

He is another expert in the choona game. So, sit back, relax and watch the story below:

Wah, Ustaad…

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How easily this man was making everyone a fool around him. It is also quite clever to pull such a stunt and get away with it. Public and authorities started supporting him for his loss that he blatantly did on purpose.

It is very easy for someone to look destitute and gain sympathy and top of all, gain an illegal benefit. This desi con-artist is just one of many we have around us.

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But, where you get away with conning people every time, things do not work in your favor every time. He had to get noticed by someone. So, it happened and he was dealt thereafter. But my word! People are so talented at doing such kinds of things. It is like the human mind scrutinizes all tiers of creativity just for corruption. I do not know but maybe it is our instinct to be creative to vouchsafe our security.

So, Chacha got away once, twice or maybe thrice but there too many “choona laganay walay” lingering around you. Be safe and watch out!

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