CEO of Patari Fired from the Company On the Basis of Sexual Harassment
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CEO of Patari Fired from the Company On the Basis of Sexual Harassment

In a few startups that rose to success in a short period of time, Patari made a name of its own as Pakistan’s very own local music streaming app. In the recent turn of events, the co-founder and CEO of Patari Khalid Bajwa has stepped down from his post after harassment allegations made against him by two women on Twitter.

In the Individuals Took The Matter on Twitter Where They Exposed the Messages of the Co-Founder:

She also shared how Khalid Bajwa requested her to not to expose him “for the sake of my daughter and wife.” However, she finally came forward today and explained the countless amount of times Bajwa made her uncomfortable, despite the fact that she blocked him from her social spaces.


Mehravar Ali Shared the Screenshots of All the Messages Sent by Khalid to her, Stating How Uncomfortable They Made her

Another young woman came forward and shared a thread of messages sent by the CEO:

Screenshots of the Conversation Were Added to the Thread As Well:

She further shared how Khalid Bajwa welcomed her with “unwanted hugs” and it made her “uncomfortable”, knowing the CEO is twice her age.

With all the proof floating around Twitter, Patari as a company had enough reasons and proof to pull down the co-founder.

Patari And Khalid Bajwa Collectively Took the Action of Removing him from the Company

In an official statement made by the company. Patari expressed that an investigation is ongoing as well:

Patari, as a company, was quick enough to take stern actions regarding the matter. This indeed sets an example of how harassment should be dealt with.


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