Centaurus Mall in Islamabad Does It Again and the Men Are Really NOT Happy!

Remember the good times when a certain mall in Islamabad used to be fun to hang out in? And then the mall authorities decided that since it was getting out of hands and people were coming to the mall just for touring and “sight seeing”, they should introduce a ticket/coupon? Now, that same mall has decided that they should increase the coupon price and make it non-refundable as well. Beware, men, because that’s aimed at you, only!

The Centaurus Mall authorities seem to have decided that the refundable coupons, which they forced only groups of men to buy, were not working effectively as predicted. At the very initial stages, a Rs. 300 coupon had to be bought by men only in order to enter the mall. That was fair as long as people were visiting the mall in order to shop at outlets. The Rs. 300 coupon could be fully refunded in any store. However, the mall authorities may have thought that this was not controlling the vicious nature of men and so they decided that out of Rs. 300 only Rs. 250 would be refunded, meaning that groups of men had to pay Rs 50 per head in order to enter the majestic Centaurus Mall.

Recently, this mall has come up with yet another plan to control the entry of dangerous men by introducing Rs. 500 tickets that are not refundable at all. Images surfacing on social media and tweets by people confirm that the ticket is very well the authority of the mall and as the image below shows, it is dated September 5, 2017. Rs. 500 per head would have to be paid by groups of men who come here to harass the all-so-innocent women groups and families (pun intended).

What a brilliant scheme to control the destructive drive of men so that only those would enter who are deeply and immensely religious and are coming to the mall because they wish to buy items worth an amount that makes Rs. 500 note a mere handkerchief.

If you try arguing with the male attendants who are distributing such tickets, you will realize that it is because you have a certain gender that has brought shame upon this mall and so you must be branded by paying a figure that satisfies the ego of the mall owner, who himself, is a male.

It seems that women or women only groups will have no problem with this plan because now they will consider themselves safe and will certainly not drool over and ogle a rich guy who can manage to pay Rs. 500 as many times as he wants. Congratulations to the mall authorities by getting rid of animalistic nature of men from the premises.

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