Celebs Remind Everyone To Fight For Noor’s Justice After Her Sister Appeals On Social Media

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In response to appeals posted by Noor Mukadam’s sister on social media, a number of celebrities reshared the message and reminded people that the fight for justice is not over.

Noor, 27, was killed in Islamabad’s upscale neighborhood in July. In addition to Zahir Jaffer who is currently being investigated for her murder, his parents Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Jaffer are also being investigated for aiding Zahir in the crime.

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The friends of Noor recently demonstrated outside the Islamabad High Court when the court was considering the parents of Zahir’s post-arrest bail petitions. In their protest, they urged the court to deny them bail.

Celebrities and public figures have once again raised their voices to support the fight for justice for Noor since her sister Sara appeals on social media. This message was shared on “Justice for Noor” which is a social media platform run by the deceased’s friends in her memory.

“To our Pakistani celebrities, influencers, bloggers, journalists, and all renowned personalities,” read the message. “It is time to give back to your country and your society. It is time to raise your voice and mobilize your followers for the greater good. We need your support now more than ever.”

“Please raise your voice for Noor Mukadam now! We must stand together and fight for justice!” it further said. “This is a test case for our government and our judiciary but more importantly for all of us. Please act now.”

A number of celebrities shared Sara’s message online as a way to raise their voices in support of Noor.

Renewed calls for justice

The author Fatima Bhutto shared Sara’s on her Instagram story, urging that Zahir’s parents be denied bail.

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The actor Ali Rehman Khan also expressed support for the cause.

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Ayesha Omar did as well. The actress tagged a number of celebrities and public figures, asking them to spread the word.

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The post was also shared by model Rehmat Ajmal.

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In addition, actor Usman Mukhtar helped spread the word.

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The singer and model Meesha Shafi reshared the model Eman Suleman’s post that asked followers to help Noor’s family and friends get justice.

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In an Instagram story, the Parizaad actor Ahmed Ali Akbar also shared Sara’s message.

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Swineryy, a popular anonymous online personality, also shared this post, urging people not to forget what happened.

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The post was shared by former actor Naimal Khawar as well.

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Noor missed six life-saving opportunities due to the active assistance of the accomplices of the main accused, Zahir, in her murder.

The investigation report of the Islamabad police submitted to the trial court revealed how Zahir’s father even assured him of taking care of the body disposal of Noor.

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