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Saboor Aly is a Pakistani popular TV and film actress. She was born on March 3, 1995, in Lahore, Punjab. Her mother’s name was Rahat begum, who has recently died of cancer.

She has two siblings, a sister and a brother. Her sister is also one of the famous actress, Sajal Ali. She got her education from the University of Punjab.

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Fact File

Famous Name: Saboor Ali

Date of Birth: March 3, 1995

Age: 25 years 

Nationality: Pakistani

Net Worth: $1 Million – 5 Million Dollars (As in 2020)

Occupation: Actress

Mother: Firdous Ali (d. 2017)

Brother: Aly Syed (Student)

Sister: Sajal Ali (Actress)

School: Lahore Grammar School, Lahore, Pakistan

University: University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Career Journey

Saboor Aly began her career with a little role in Choti Si Kahani and tailed it with a supporting role in the family dramatization Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain on ARY Digital in 2011, in which she showed up with her sister Sajal Ali.

After that, she again showed up with her sister Sajal, in a scene of Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain, a collection arrangement on Hum TV. In this manner included in the Hum TV’s acclaimed sentimental dramatization Bunty I Love You, nearby Saba Qamar. 

In September 2016, she made her film debut with Nabeel Qureshi’s socio-satire film Actor in Law, featuring Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat, and Om Puri. 

Model Actor

Her depiction of Mustafa’s strong sister’s character earned her a Best Supporting Actress designation at Lux Style Awards. Saboor Alyplayed the lead role in the telefilm Nanu Aur Main (2018), which spins around the granddad granddaughter relationship. 

The telefilm got positive reviews from the critics and open, and Saboor Alywas lauded for her performance. Saboor Aly next played second-lead roles in the dramatizations Teri Meri Kahani and Visaal, the latter of which is among the most elevated evaluated Pakistani shows of 2018.

Saboor Aly started her career journey in television with a small role in a PTV drama serial “Choti Si Kahani” and Sadia Imam, Nadia Hussain, and Ayesha Khan in 2011. The drama revolves around the stories of three girls, their mistrust. The drama also focused on serious issues, like the discontinuation of female education due to early marriages and women’s independence after marriage.

In the same year, after her racemization, she got the opportunity to play a supporting role in the daily Pakistani soap opera family drama “Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain” alongside her sister Sajal Ali. The drama revolved around the story of Zahid Ahmed’s family and aired on ARY Digital. 

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Next again, she appeared with her sister Sajal Al in an episode of the Pakistani anthology drama telefilm “Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain” on Hum TV, based on the short stories of the reality of life.

Consequently, she portrayed Hum TV’s critically acclaimed romantic drama “Bunty I Love You” alongside Saba Qamar. This is the story of a young girl, Dania, who got married at very teenage to a much older man Patel but Patel dies by leaving half of his property to Dania. Dania loves a phone snatcher, Bunty, who is much younger than her. They got married, but in the end, Bunty murdered her.

In September 2016, she also made her film debut in Nabeel Qureshi’s box office hit Pakistani socio-comedy film Actor in Law”, alongside Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat, and a senior Indian actor Ohm Puri where she portrayed a supportive role of Mustafa’s sister which earned her a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Lux Style Awards.

In her next film, Saboor Aly appeared to play the lead in the 2018 telefilm “Nanu Aur Main.” The film revolves around the relationship between grandfather-granddaughter. The telefilm was critically acclaimed, and the public praised Saboor Aly for her excellent performance.

Saboor Aly details her Experience of Shooting 'Mushkil' | DESIblitz

Saboor Aly next played second-lead roles in the highest-rated Pakistani dramas of 2018 “Visaal,” along with Ali Hassan. Zahid Ahmed and Hania Amir. The drama is based on sheer jealousy. She plays the role of Pari’s childhood friend, who later commits suicide because of her guilt.

In the past, she appeared in Humayun Saeed’s famous drama serial “Gul-o-Gulzar” opposite Kinza Hashmi and Omer Shahzad. She is playing the role of a clever girl Gul who feels jealousy with her friend Gulzar. The drama is highly acclaimed and is airing on ARY Digital.

Movies List:

  • Actor in Law (2016) (Annie Mirza)
  • Nanu Aur Main (2018) (Erum)

Television Series / Dramas List:

  • Choti Si Kahani (2011) (Sanara)
  • Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain (2011-12) (Rimsha)
  • Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain (2012) (Aimen)
  • Dil Awaiz (2013) (Riffat)
  • Bunty I Love You (2013-14) (Mehwish)
  • Meri Anaya (2014) (Anaya)
  • Mr. Shamim (2015) (Rosie)
  • Rang Laaga (2015-16) (Shumaila)
  • Tere Der Per (2015) (Anjuman)
  • Teri Chah Mein (2016) (Zara)
  • Bhai (2016-17) (Wajiha)
  • Waada (2016-17) (Jaana)
  • Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai (2017) (Amber)
  • Jallan (2017) (Aima)
  • Meraas (2017-18) (Jia)
  • Visaal (2018) (Naheed)
  • Mere Khudaya (2018-19) (Mehak)
  • Ishq Mein Kaafir (2018-19) (Ujala)
  • Bhool (2019) (Ayesha)
  • Gul-o-Gulzar (2019) (Gul)
  • Naqab Zan (2019) (Dua)
  • Haqeeqat (2020) (Aliya)


Saboor Aly has become one of the famous names of the drama industry. Nowadays, she appears in many dramas on almost all the channels and gives her best performances. Her dramas are critically acclaimed and also liked by the audiences because of her excellent acting skills. She has huge fans around her. She seems to be one of the big-name of showbiz in the future. Despite these facts, she has also earned a nomination at Lux Style Awards for the Best Supporting Actress because of her debut film role in a romantic comedy film “Actor in Law” in 2016.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Saboor Aly

Q- Who is the real husband of Sajal Ali?

A- She isn’t married, but she is engaged to a fellow actor, Ali Josh.

Q- Is Saboor Ali married?

A- The name of her fiance is Ali Josh.

Q- What is the age of Saboor Ali?

A- Her age is 25, in 2020.

Q- Who is older Sajal or Saboor?

A- Many people think that Saboor is the elder one, but in reality, Sajal is the eldest sibling of the three.

Q- Are Sajal and Saboor twins?

A- On the contrary, Sajal is older than Saboor.

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