Ducky Bhai

In the world of YouTube, Pakistani YouTubers have gained immersive success and popularity all over the world. Among all the Pakistani YouTubers, there’s one guy who made his way towards something that was happening for the first time in Pakistan and he received endless love for it, he is called Ducky Bhai.

Ducky Bhai is known as Saad-ur-Rehman who has changed the idea of seeing YouTube in Pakistan. People who used to watch Carryminati for roasting, in Pakistan, have started watching Ducky Bhai and he gave everything to make his channel better for his fans.

He had legit struggle life in building this little empire in which he also has another channel known as Ducky Extra where he plays video games and does a lot of fun stuff. He’s been loved not only by Pakistani fans, but he received lots of love from across the border and that love made him win PISA awards two times in a row.

Now he’s just not a YouTuber, he has become a big star in Pakistan elite brands have approached him and that’s what he has become.

Better to get inside his personal and professional to view his struggle along with the achievements that made him popular all over the world as Ducky Bhai.

Early Life

Saad Ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai was born in Pakistan, Lahore on 21st December 1997 and since an early age, he’s been into gaming.  He was in Japan because his father completed his graduation there and he took his family too. But later they returned, till then Ducky Bhai has completed his high school education in Bahria Town School and after the Matric he also passed FA from Punjab College.

He also enrolled himself in University Concepts where he was studying Computer Science. But most of you might don’t know he’s a dropout and from there, his struggle journey started.

In 2013, he began his YouTube journey initially he used to make tech videos that give tutorials like how to change desktop wallpapers, tips,  etc.

But due to some restrictions from their family, he started doing his freelance work to earn some money to have a decent gaming setup. In that freelance work, he faced several issues and obstacles but succeeded to create achieving his goal.

Although he revealed that his parents can afford the system at that time, but wanted to get that set up on his own without their restrictions and that’s what he did. He closely watched Carryminati who was famous at that time in India for his outstanding roasting and commentary.

Rise of the Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai was inspired by him and uploaded his first roast video on Nasir Khan Jaan on his private Facebook account. He didn’t know, that the video might get viral and people loved it. His friends suggested he make more videos like that and he just carried on. The next video he uploaded was “Pakistani Girls on Facebook”. This video got 3 million views and that day his life changed.

After that video, Ducky Bhai was born and 2017 was the year he began his roasting channel. He then never stopped and made endless videos. He also cleared the air about his channel name in his 1 million videos that Ducky Bhai’s name was just a random click in his head and he kept it.

Later he also started his gaming channel too where he used to play PUBG mobile games and create fun content.

Right now he’s the only Pakistani YouTuber who has two channels containing more than 1 million subscribers and that says everything.

When Ducky Extra reached one million subscribers, Indian content creators also congratulated him and he shared it.

Being a social media celebrity, he also indulged in a big fight with Shaam Idrees which made chaos at that time on YouTube. Even many of the fellow YouTubers have to come in and asked them to stop this whole thing.

Soon he became famous, and Pakistani international and domestic tech brands approached him. The roasting channel grows a lot faster and then people and brands started to know him. Brands like Samsung pays a lot to him as he is the Brand ambassador and biggest influencer of Samsung in Pakistan.

People don’t get bored by his content, they love him infinite times and that’s what boosts him. Recently he also met his idol Carryminati and fans went crazy to see two of the best desi roasters together for the first time.

No doubt, that Ducky Bhai is one of the most famous YouTubers in Pakistan with the two Pisa Awards in his bag which showcase the love of the fans. Recently he involved in vlogs and uploading daily content about his personal life too.


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