Celebrities are showing their Support for Mahira Khan after the Local Media and Internet Heavily Bashed her!

From Muharram to Mahira Khan, the discussions which happened on Pakistani social media were extremely upsetting, seeing how as a nation, we have failed to progress. Smoking cigarettes being a gender-biased infringement in the heads of Pakistani still prevails.

For the first time on Twitter, Mahira Khan was trending. Not because she won a number of awards for her amazing performance, not because she represented Pakistan on international forums, not because she is sitting an example of being a hardworking, talented single mother, but because she was spotted smoking a puff with Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor. How progressive are we, don’t you think?

People Questioned the Morality of Mahira Khan, Just because of her Clothing and her Smoking


While Other were Extremely Supportive in Understanding this has Nothing to Do with Religion

It does seem appalling how we see celebs as public figures who have no private lives whatsoever. We forget how they are entitled to have their own lives when they are not on the silver screen. We forget the constant pressure the society puts on them. More than that, it is a woman who is always questioned about morals when she seems to be do something which is out of the “books” of the society.

The Same Public Figures Have Rose to Show their Stance for Mahira Khan – Using their Power in the Best Possible Way!

Hamza Ali Abbasi Revealed that the Mark on Mahira’s Back is Actually a Scar

Someone Even Tried to Mess with Momina and She Made the Most Valid Points!

Osman Khalid Butt with An Eye-Opener

Other Just Showed how they Supporting Mahira Khan

If in your opinion, public figures set out bad examples when they are seen ‘smoking’ with someone, maybe you can learn from these other public figures who are teaching you to see the other side of the story and let people do what they like.

Stay strong, Mahira Khan!

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