Celebrities Request Pakistanis For Donation To PM’s Corona Relief Fund

celebrities request donate fund

The perpetual coronavirus pandemic substantiates its move, by infecting everyone in its path. With the economic meltdown, the poverty-stricken are now dependent on the fortunate to provide them with ration and food. In the fight against this deadly pandemic, international celebrities urge all Pakistanis to donate generously in the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

At this time, the coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 5,000 infections, moreover, resulting in 96 deaths, in Pakistan.

Message for all citizens

In light of the ongoing events, the economic meltdown has certainly been a provocation of distress for the less-privileged. In such times, many organizations, including Muslims and non-Muslims volunteers have been donating endlessly.

International cricketer Darren Sammy, the Peshawar Zalmi powerhouse, recently tweeted for the same cause. Importantly, the videos being posted by celebrities aim to create an awareness for all Pakistanis living in the country or overseas, understanding the gravity of the situation.

Owing to the cause, the celebrities have been urging all Pakistani citizens to donate to the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Corona Relief Fund. Not only will this help a poor feed his/her family, but also aid Pakistan in its combat against the deadly virus, collectively.

Here are some of the tweets.

“Your pm has put in place a corona relief fund to help the people of Pakistan. And I am asking you to donate generously. This will go a long way in helping Pakistan survive this coronavirus pandemic. It is time for us to be our brother’s keeper. Undoubtedly, your contribution could go a long way in helping Pakistan conquer this situation. And help so many people survive in this trying time,” Darren said.

Pakistanis for Pakistanis

Moreover, former cricketer, Shahid Afridi too launched his campaign to help the poor amidst the lockdown crisis. For that, he initiated a challenge, nominating two international and one local cricketer. All they have to do is to record a video with a tip on staying safe. Subsequently, cricketers from everywhere including India voiced their support for the cause.

Here’s what Boom Boom had to say about the coronavirus challenge.

Firstly, Shahid Afridi nominated Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Amir, India’s Harbhajan Singh, and English all-rounder Chris Jordan to take up the challenge.

Following, Afghanistan’s Rashid Ali, Babar Azam, and Australian journalist Dennis Freedman also dropped by in support of the campaign. Celebrities from Pakistan’s entertainment industry also tweeted videos of themselves, imparting light on the noble cause.

Here are some of the tweets.


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