Mahira Khan To Sajal Aly: Celebrities Protest Faisalabad Attack

Mahira Khan To Sajal Aly: Celebrities Protest Faisalabad Attack

Multiple churches in a Christian area of Jaranwala tehsil in Faisalabad were attacked by a frustrated crowd on Wednesday, sending shockwaves across Pakistan and beyond.

Allegations of a crime of the Holy Quran caused the attack, which resulted in the burning of many Churches in Faisalabad, the Saint Paul Catholic Church, and private homes.

Social media videos showed hundreds of rioters armed with weapons and sticks setting fire to churches and destroying private residences. The event occurred at Jaranwala, which is around 115 kilometers from Lahore, the province’s capital. While officials struggled to keep order, renowned Pakistani celebrities turned to social media to criticize the horrific act, underlining the need for unity, peace, and justice.

Mahira Khan To Sajal Aly: Celebrities Protest Faisalabad Attack

Celebrity Protest Burning Attack Faisalabad

Pakistani celebrities have reacted strongly to the tragedy, using their platforms to denounce the violence and express solidarity with the wounded minority. Mahira Khan voiced her shock and grief on Twitter, writing, “Shame on us! I can’t… When, how, and how did we become thus…”

Singer Shehzad Roy took to Twitter to demand responsibility for the offenders and to emphasize the need of speaking out against such atrocities. “Previously, we were afraid to speak up,” he wrote. We should be afraid if we don’t speak up now. We are doomed if the state does not arrest and punish everyone engaged in the case using video evidence.”

Sajal Aly, an actor, shared her feelings of sorrow and criticized the brutal crime that was committed against members of minority groups. On her Twitter account, she said, “Such a shameful act!” Completely brokenhearted and sickened by what has happened. This violent crime committed against members of a minority group has my strongest shame. Offering prayers for harmony and peace. There is no room for violent behavior in any form of religious practice.

On the same microblogging website, Ushna Shah complained, “As the rest of the country celebrates independence, our minorities burn.”

The reaction of famous people to the sad event reflects the opinion of the country as a whole, which is that such acts of violence should not be tolerated. The voices of these significant leaders serve as a reminder of the significance of unity, peace, and justice for all communities, regardless of their religious background, as the country struggles to come to terms with this frightening incident.

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