Pakistani Celebrities Break Their Silence Over Khalilur Rehman’s Remarks

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Interview

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar who is a famous screenwriter and director spoke about his new running drama ‘Merey Paas Tum ho’ in the latest interview with Entertainment Pakistan, which took a bizarre turn, landing him in hot waters.

While speaking about his drama which shows a cheating wife and a good husband, Khalil gave his two cents on what he thinks gender equality and feminism is; also touching the topic of infidelity and ‘good woman’. His outrageous comments definitely shook the entire social media that called the writer out and even started a campaign against him and his dramas, calling him a misogynist.

Here are some of his mind-boggling statements:

For starters, he declared himself as the ‘biggest feminist out there’. In his own words, Khalil said, “You can’t find a bigger feminist in Pakistan than me,”. One would immediately find that interesting but what follows next has angered Pakistan. He then stated how loyalty is only a woman’s duty and went on to speak on what makes a woman beautiful. Khalil adds, “A woman’s only beauty is her self-respect and honour.”


It gets better after this, speaking on equality, he continues on saying, “When people ask me about equality, I ask them if they have heard the news of five men kidnapping a woman, to which they reply yes, but then I ask them if they have heard the news about five women kidnapping a man,” To this he answers and adds, “If women want equality, they need to do the same things men are doing. Go and rob a bus, abduct a man and gang-rape him. Only then I would know there is equality

He clearly has a lot to say about women. Hence, he doesn’t hit the brakes just yet and continues on.

“Women don’t know their rights, they want a share of men’s rights, which they can never have,” Adding to this, he conveniently blames women to be the reason men cheat, adding that they ‘lure’ the married men into infidelity and ruin marriages. He says, “A woman lures a man into an affair and it is the woman’s fault that she is ruining other people’s marriage”

At least now we know why women are always pitted against each other in every other drama.


If he didn’t say enough to clear the Pakistani mens’ reputation as innocent, committed and naive grown-babies, he takes it even further. Khalil says that it is impossible for men to say no but good women can. Bringing us to the same point that the woman is always the one to blame since a good ‘honorable’ woman wouldn’t seduce these naive men into cheating on their wives.

He says, If a man is looking at you, then don’t respond. A man doesn’t have the ability to ignore, but a good woman definitely does,”

Regular crowd calling him out on these ridiculous views is one thing, but being shunned by the very actors and musicians of the same fraternity is something else and of greater impact.

Celebrities break their silence over Khalil Ur Rehman’s misogynist interview:

Osman Khalid Butt boldly expressing his views about Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar. 

Meesha Shafi hits two birds with one stone in her tweet. 

Armeena Khan expressing through memes.

Iffat Omar demands an apology from the director and screenwriter Khalil. 

Ali Gul Pir beyond disgusted! 

Model Eman Suleman also responds to Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s statements. 

There hasn’t been any statement released from the renown writer. However, his interview has gained him a reputation of a misogynist and someone who is deeply disturbed. Words are hard to take back and when you are someone famous who has earned great success, it gets even harder. The consequences of his bold and candid interview are evident.


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