Pakistani Celebrities Poured In Heartfelt Messages For Victims Who Lost Their Lives In The Lahore Blast

Our spirits are saddened after the tragic disaster that took place in Lahore on Monday. Many news resources claim that the death toll has risen up to 15 while 87 people are injured. Residents of Lahore continue to blame the government for their failure to protect the protesters, knowing how this is all a planted job by a ‘third party’.

Pakistanis continue to mourn the tragedy that came into being yesterday. On the other hand, the Taliban claiming the responsibility of this unfortunate event. It is also reported that funerals of some of the deceased people have taken place.

Source: Reuters

Source: Reuters

It all happened when chemists were laying a protest on Lahore’s busy mall road against the ban of specific drugs which are branded illegal by the state.

There was a mob and senior police officers were engaged in convincing the protesters to call it off. It was when all of a sudden the suicide bomber mingled within the mob, apparently by coming forward and by staying close to the area where most people stood. Eventually, he blew himself up.

It is extremely sad what happened on Monday and we cannot continue to express the sorrow struck on our nation.

Source: Al Jazeera

Source: Al Jazeera

People are condoling and passing their immense condolences to the families of the deceased. Many renowned celebrities have poured in their sincerest prayers to the victims and their families.

We came across many instances where celebrities stood up, express their kindest condolences as well as questioned the establishment’s credibility.

May Allah bless the souls of the victims who tragically lost their lives. May Allah heal the wounds and provide strength to the injured ones who are battling their lives. May Allah protect us all.

Our sincerest condolences to the families of the victims. May Allah provide them peace and strength through this adversity. Ameen.

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