Celebrities from All Over the World Are Uniting To Speak Against the Rape and Killing of Asifa from Indian-Occupied Kashmir

You might be seeing a number of tweeting and posting on the hashtag #JusticeForAsifa from the past few days, spreading all over the newsfeeds on our social media timelines. The rape and the murder of Asifa, an 8-year-old little girl from the Indian-occupied Kashmir have made people come out of their homes; keeping aside their religion, ethnicity, and nationality.

Celebrities from all over the world are showing solidarity with the Kashmiris, voicing the vile actions conducted over a dispute that took the life of an 8-year-old in the most brutal manner. The merciless rape, torture, and killing of Asifa was over religious animosity and land dispute; a ploy conducted to hurt the Muslim herding community in the Indian-occupied Kashmir community. Political parties such as BJP are putting forward their support for not Asifa, but for the alleged rapist.

Political parties such as BJP are putting forward their support for not Asifa, but for the alleged rapist.

Celebrities and Social Media Influencers from All Over the World Are Seeking #JusticeForAsifa

Virat Kohli Shares How he Is Ashamed to be a Part of a Society Where Such Vile Actions are Defended

Afridi Shared the Following:

Jeremy McLellan Wants People to Share the Pictures of the Vile Men Behind the Actions As Much as Possible

Indian Entertainers Are Coming Forward As Well

Farhan Akhtar Shared the Disturbing Thought

Shoaib Akhtar had a Nice Piece of Advice

Hope people can leave prejudice aside and for once come together for humanity; which is way more than caste, creed and nationality.

Hopefully, Justice for Asifa will be served one day and we will be watching it as well.


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