Celebrate World Ocean Day 2024 Today Date, History, Significance, and Everything that you need to know

Celebrate June 8th World Ocean Day Today

June 8th is celebrated as World Ocean Day. World Ocean Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the ocean and ocean life.

It was Canada who first pitched the idea in 1992.  World Ocean Day- was first celebrated in 2002. Though the first celebration was unofficial, World Ocean Day was formally institutionalized in 2008 by the United Nations.

The commencement of this day- is to spread awareness of the preservation of the ocean and its life.

Earth’s surface is 71% of water. It houses 1.34 billion cubic of water. The ocean is the fundamental of all life on Earth.

Life initially evolved in the oceans 4.5 million years ago. Life on Earth is nitrogen-based, with carbon and oxygen. Water has a high density many gases are trapped.

Over the years, life in oceans evolved. The first life was a single-cell organism. The first plants evolved later as sunlight retracted on the ocean’s surface.

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The ocean provides water, a fundamental element for many living organisms, on Earth. The human body is made- of 71% water.

Today, the world faces an enormous challenge. Oceans have been heavily polluted by human waste (petroleum products). Pollution has caused the extinction of many aquatic life.

World Ocean Day celebration of such a day is to redirect leaders and entrepreneurs to protect the ocean and ocean life. The preservation of ocean life is to protect the future of human beings.

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